McLaren wants action from FIA in Baku on flexi wings

McLaren team boss Andreas Seidl has urged the FIA to take action against any team running a flexible wing in Baku that exceeds the norms.

F1’s governing body will introduce more stringent load tests at the French Grand Prix, but ahead of this weekend’s event in Azerbaijan, it indicated that it would monitor excessive wing deflection in Baku by using video footage.

Special green stickers destined to help map flexing amplitude were added to the rear appendages of all cars.

And Seidl says that any deflection as severe as that recorded on video in Barcelona should warrant immediate action from the Baku stewards.

“From our point of view, if we see deflections again like we have seen in Barcelona, there needs to be action here this weekend,” Seidl said. “How this action will look like in the paddock, I don’t know yet.”

But Seidl believes the FIA should not only assess a wing’s degree of flexing but also its inherent design and whether the latter was purposefully conceived to transgress the rules.

“It is not just the deflection that you see,” explained Seidl. “But in the end what is important is for the FIA to look into how does this deflection get created.

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“If this deflection gets created by a design that is clearly done for passing the test which is in the regulations, then is creating excessive deflection, on purpose, that’s obviously not within 3.8 [the article in the rules that bans moveable aerodynamic devices].”

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Should the FIA not take action against a team suspected of running a flexible wing that contravenes the norm, a rival team could lodge a formal protest.

“I don’t want to go into discussion of a protest at the moment,” commented Seidl, alluding to McLaren’s stance on filing a protest.

“In general, it doesn’t make sense to do anything before the event, because you can change a rear wing on Saturday morning. There’s no point to do anything on a Friday night.”

Race results on Sunday may well be provisional…

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