WWE Raw Results (2/17): Matt Hardy Seeks Revenge, Seth Rollins Gives A Sermon, More!

February 17, 2020


Randy Orton says tonight he supposed to face Matt Hardy, but after last week that isn’t going to happen. Orton says Matt is in the back trying to get cleared, but it is not going to happen. He says the Hardy’s are known for jumping off the highest of highs and crashing in the lowest of lows.

Speaking of the man…Matt Hardy makes his way out with a neck brace on, as he says he still wants to know why Orton did what he did to Edge. Matt says Orton didn’t like it when he asked that, so he tried to make him feel the way that Edge felt.

Matt says he came here tonight to fight Randy, but the WWE doctors won’t clear him to compete. However, Matt says he is a man of his word, and he is here and has grit and won’t quit as Matt Hardy will not die. He says that he doesn’t know what the future holds for himself, but it won’t be determined by Randy Orton’s terms.

The Viper tells Matt he should have said goodbye when he could leave on his own two feet. Matt gets in the ring and Orton asks him what he is planning on doing. Orton says he has balls, but nobody will understand why he did what he did.

Orton says he respects Matt and says he respects Edge, but he loves him like a brother. Orton then says he is sorry, he is truly sorry, and he leaves the ring.

Orton gets to the top of the ramp but then takes his jacket off and turns back while Matt gets himself a steel chair. Orton teases getting in the ring and Hardy swings the chair, but Randy avoids it and then rags Matt’s neck off the top rope.

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The Viper then drops Matt with an RKO. Orton then gets the chair and unloads on Hardy, eventually getting another as he sets up the con-chair-to. Orton decides against that and instead dumps Matt out of the ring and puts him onto the steel stairs and slams the chair down upon his head. After teasing leaving again, he once again grabs the chair and smashes it onto Matt’s head.

What's wrong with you, @RandyOrton?! @MATTHARDYBRAND feels the wrath of #TheViper on #RAW with a ruthless assault!

— WWE (@WWE) February 18, 2020


Aleister Black fires out the gate with a knee to the head, but Erick Rowan sends him to the outside straight away and hits his running crossbody on the outside to flatten his opponent. Back in the ring and Rowan continues to dominate with some elbow drops as he then launches Black into the turnbuckles.

Once again, Rowan takes Black to the outside as he launches him into the barricade and then does so again, dropping the back of his knees onto the barricade. Rowan once again picks up the former NXT Champion, but this time Black reverses and sends Rowan crashing headfirst into the ring post.

He don't care about it looking pretty.@ERICKROWAN just does DAMAGE! #Raw

— WWE Universe (@WWEUniverse) February 18, 2020

Black then leaps onto the second rope, bouncing off to take down the bigger man. They finally return to the ring and Black unloads with some strikes, dropping Rowan with a huge knee to the face. Black then goes for Black Mass but Rowan reverses and the two men begin throwing big shows until Rowan hits a big boot and then a powerbomb.

Rowan aims for the Iron Claw, but Aleister wriggles out and connects with Black Mass. However, he lands on the second rope and doesn’t fully drop, so Black resorts to hitting another Black Mass to secure the win.

Winner: Aleister Black

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