WWE Raw Results (7/1): Chaotic Scene To Start Raw, New Champion Crowned, The Club Rides Again

JULY 1ST, 2019
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The two men immediately start showing their athleticism, leap frogging over each other and then Lashley hits a massive spear! Strowman gets out of the ring to recover, but Lashley follows Strowman! He runs at Strowman before Strowman hits a HARD HARD shoulder block, sending Lashley hard to mat. Strowman goes for a cover, but Lashley kicks out.

The match gets close to the time keeper area and Lashley clotheslines Strowman over the barricade. The match continues into the WWE Universe and Lashley has a chair! Lashley hits Strowman repeatedly with a chair and then goes for a cover, but Strowman kicks out at two!

The match continues through the crowd and near the stage, and Strowman hits Lashley with several hands. He winds up and runs right through Lashley, sending Lashley flying across the floor. Strowman throws Lashley up onto the stage and follows him, but Lashley fights back now. He sets up for a suplex and hits Strowman with a BIG suplex onto the stage! He goes for the cover, but Strowman kicks out.

Both men are up and Lashley looks to get to Strowman, but Strowman runs at Lashley and spears him THROUGH THE LED BOARD!! Corey Graves yells “HOLY SHIT” as the LED board explodes repeatedly! The officials are immediately on the scene in the carnage and the two men are seen through the smoke and explosions. The EMTs race to Strowman and Lashley as the chaos ensues and there is no talking. We get an overhead shot of the EMTs tending to Lashley & Strowman, and they are now putting them on stretchers. The feed cuts to commercial. WOW.

We come back from commercial to see Strowman and Lashley being put into ambulances and taken away.


Big E starts the match with Erik and Erik hits right hands on Big E before throwing him into their own corner. He tags in Ivar who then slams him and then hits a splash on Big E. He picks him up and Big E tries to pick up Ivar, but Erik tags him and he kicks Big E and then dropkicks him into the corner. Erik picks up Ivar and then drives him into Big E in the corner.

Erik locks in an arm submission, working on the left arm of Big E. Big E fights up and grabs Erik and delivers a belly to belly. Big E looks to make a tag, but OUT OF NOWHERE SAMOA JOE IS HERE!!! Joe attacks Xavier Woods and the match is called for DQ. He locks in the Coquina Clutch on Woods before Kofi Kingston runs to make the save! Kofi jumps off the steps and hits Joe with a clothesline and the two start to brawl. The Viking Raiders get in the fight and we have a 3 on 3 stalemate!

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