WWE Raw Results (6/10) – Tag Team Title Match, Kevin Owens vs Seth Rollins, U.S. Title Picture Gets Crowded & More

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June 10th, 2019
Report By Doug Enriquez for


We start the show with the BEAST SLAYER. WWE Universal Champion comes to the ring with a steel chair in hand and all smiles. We recap what happened at Super Showdown where Rollins took the chair to Brock Lesnar. Seth says he feels alive tonight. He says that they have entered the new era for the Universal title. The WWE Superstars have a choice, regarding the Universal Championship. They can come out there to try to fight him for it, but there is not a person who can lace his boots. But they could also try things the hard way, but ask Brock Lesnar what that is like. Brock Lesnar has been in the WWE since 2002, and no one has ever done to Brock Lesnar what he did to Brock Lesnar last Friday.

Out comes Baron Corbin, with a mic in hand.The crowd boos him and he tells San Jose that the feeling is mutual. They chant “YOU SUCK” at him and he says he will wait. They continue to boo him nearly out of the building, and he tries to talk, but the crowd boos even louder. He says that he is the best thing that San Jose has going on. The continue to boo him even louder. Corbin says that Seth keeps worrying about Brock Lesnar, when he should really be worrying about him. At Stomping Ground, he will be taking the Universal Championship from Seth. He says that Seth didn’t beat him, and it was the fault of the incompetent referee.

He tells Seth that because of the referee, he is going to have a rematch at Stomping Grounds, AND a special guest referee that he gets to hand pick. Seth says that no matter who he picks, he will stomp his head into the mat and walk away Universal Champion. He tells Corbin that no one likes him, so who would want to referee for him?

Out comes Sami Zayn, who is laughing and the crowd begins to boo him too. He tells Seth that he is on team Corbin. He tells Seth that he cares about him as a person, and he has been watching Seth’s behavior over the last couple of months. Being Universal Champion is not good for him. He keeps trying to one-up Brock Lesnar and it is toxic. He says that it would be better for Seth if Baron Corbin was Universal Champion. He says it would be better for Monday Night Raw is Baron Corbin was champion. Then we might have a Universal Champion who isn’t totally obsessed with Brock Lesnar.

Seth questions the motives of Sami, and asks him if there is nothing in it for him. Sami admits that Corbin has promised him a little something back. Seth says that Corbin finally found someone who has his back, but who will have Sami’s back when he slaps the taste out of his mouth?

Thanks to the Wildcard, here comes KEVIN OWENS! Owens says that he has Sami’s back, but Seth says that if he has a problem with it, he can come down and do something about it. Owens says that he will, and Seth challenges Seth to a fight in the main event tonight!


Lars quickly pins Kalisto after a Freak Accident. Lince Dorado comes and gets power bombs, for a quick elimination. Gran Metalik comes in and dodges come moves by Lars and tries for a handspring elbow, but Lars picks him up and slams him. He goes for the pin but he picks up Metalik’s head and refuses the pin.

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Sullivan goes to the outside and picks up Kalisto. He picks him up and launches him and THROWS HIM ONTO THE STAIRS! WHAT?!

He goes back in the ring and delivers the Freak Accident to Gran Metalik, but once again refuses the pin. He goes out and grabs Lince Dorado and throws him at the ring post WHO THEN LANDS ON HIS FACE. He goes up to the top rope and hits Metalik with a diving headbutt to finish the match, mercifully.

Winner: Lars Sullivan

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