WWE SmackDown Results (12/18): Mustafa Ali Pins Daniel Bryan, Asuka Defends Her Title, More

WWE Smackdown Results
December 18, 2018
Report by Matthew Wilkinson for

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Shane McMahon is shown backstage addressing the SmackDown roster recapping the statement that the McMahon family gave last night. Shane tells them that they need to grab the brass ring and rip it down, stating it starts tonight.

Shane then brings up Paige to state that whilst she is not going anywhere, her role is changing which leads to the roster chanting “Thank you, Paige,” stating that her time as GM is over.


The first piece of business in the ring sees The Man make her way to the ring to discuss TLC. She states she doesn’t care who is running the show, but The Man is in charge. She says she doesn’t do meetings well, which is why she is out with the people.

Becky says the only thing she wants from the McMahon family is for them to deliver her Ronda Rousey. Lynch stated that she made Lynch tap out in the locker room and left her laying in her ring, but Rousey didn’t even have the decency to fight her when she cost her the championship.

Lynch’s frustrations are brought to a quick end though as Charlotte Flair enters. Flair says that Ronda took away her moment, and says that the odds are if Ronda hadn’t been there, she would have become the eight-time women’s champion.

Whilst the bickering between the former friends continues, the champion is here! Asuka tells them to forget Ronda as Asuka is the champion now. Both Lynch and Charlotte them tell her that she got lucky but the arguing stops because… the boss is here, VINCE MCMAHON IS ON SMACKDOWN LIVE!

Vince says that on behalf of WWE the first thing he wants to say is happy holidays. Secondly, he wants to congratulate Asuka. Vince asks Becky why she is angry, claiming her and Charlotte are making excuses, they competed in TLC which means anything goes, meaning anyone can be involved.

Vince tells them to get over it, he says if they have a problem they can take it up with Ronda Rousey. Vince asks if Asuka wants to defend her championship tonight and he brings out Naomi! She says both Charlotte and Becky have had their opportunities and now she wants the title, so Vince makes the title match official, right NOW!


Naomi starts off using her athleticism to reverse a wrist lock from Asuka but the champion is able to quickly ground Naomi down and continue working on the arm. Naomi does well to avoid a running kick and then both women attempt a dropkick, showing that they are on the same page.

The challenge eventually gets Asuka down and rocks her with a big kick to the back and both women then exchange pinfall attempts. The champion then manages to take advantage with a big kick which she follows up with several more as she then joins Naomi on the top rope and locks in a submission.

Asuka then takes too long trying to trash talk Charlotte and Becky at ringside and Naomi hits a Russian Leg Sweep from the top rope as we head to the break. As we return Asuka throws Naomi back from the outside and rocks Naomi with a dropkick from the top corner.

Asuka then tries to throw Naomi into the barricade on the outside but she reverses by leaping onto it and turning to kick Asuka square in the jaw. Both women then just make the 10 count and start exchanging stiff forearms until Asuka catches her with a big boot to the face.

Naomi then levels the champion with one of her own and attempts a spin legged moonsault but Asuka gets the legs up and tries to lock in the Asuka Lock but Naomi reverses and looks for a pin. Despite her best efforts Asuka once again gets the submission locked in, though Naomi fights out one more time and hits Rear View, but the champion just kicks out in time!

Naomi then springboards from the top rope but Asuka catches her and the Asuka Lock is put in one more time and this time it’s too much as she retains.

Winner (and still Women’s Champion): Asuka


The Miz is then shown knocking on the McMahon Family door but Vince answers instead of Shane and he says that Vince knows how loyal that he is and tries to say why he and Shane should team together. Vince asks what he wants him to do and Miz asks him for his blessing and Vince says he doesn’t believe in blessings.

Instead, he will give an opportunity, Vince will pick a team and Miz can find a partner and prove himself later tonight.

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