ROH Final Battle Results (10/14): Ladder War VII, Lethal vs Rhodes, The Elite Say Goodbye, Bully Ray vs Flip Gordon “I Quit” Match & More

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ROH Final Battle Results
December 14, 2018
New York @ Hammerstein Ballroom

— Kenny King opened the night mocking the fact that nobody knew who Eli Isom is. He called him a commercial for the ROH Dojo and trashed the new school of professional wrestling, calling himself old school. King blasted him in the face with a microphone, and we’re officially underway!


The two brawled on the floor early on with King in control until he accidentally chopped the ring post. Isom rolled him back into the ring and took it to Kenny with rights and lefts as the crowd really got behind the young talent. King out of nowhere with a stunner, but Isom wouldn’t stay down and threw wild forearms trying to stay alive. He hit a big enzuigiri and fired up, sending King flying across the ring with a belly-to-belly suplex. A back elbow connected in the corner followed by a sunset flip into an impressive deadlift powerbomb! 1…2…NO!

Isom went to the top rope looking to put things away, but King had the presence of mind to bump the referee into the ropes, crotching the young star on the top turnbuckle King dropped him hard over the top rope. The two had an incredible back-and-forth exchange with Isom repeatedly countering out of the Royal Flush into a series of pinning combinations. He came off the ropes but King caught him on his shoulders, nailing a Fireman’s Carry Driver for the 1…2…3. Really fun opening match.

Winner: Kenny King


Hangman delievered a series of big boots to stun the champion, sending him to the floor early. He ran off the apron attempting the running Shooting Star to the floor, but Cobb caught him in the air, launching him into the barricade with a belly-to-belly overhead suplex! HOLY BLEEP!

Back in the ring Cobb threw elbow shots, and Page threw them right back. The Elite star rocked him with another boot and hit a springboard moonsault for two. He went to the ropes looking for another moonsault, but Cobb caught him with a huge, high elevation dropkick! The champ leaped to the top rope, deadlifted Hangman high into the air and held him there for an eternity as the crowd began to count….and eventually sent him crashing back to Earth with a stalling superplex.

The crowd came alive for Cobb as he immediately sprang into a standing moonsault. He tried for a standing Shooting Star just for good measure, but Hangman rolled out of the way and dropkicked him right in the face. They brawled up into the ropes a second time, with Cobb trying for a diving crossbody, but Hangman rolled through and hoisted him up — shades of John Cena — and sent him flying with an overhead suplex. The champ rolled to the floor trying to catch his breath, but the challenger refused to let up and connected with a suicide dive.

With Cobb still out on the floor, Hangman climbed all the way up to the top rope and connects with a TON of hangtime on a moonsault. He rolled him back into the ring and hit a running Shooting Star, followed by a standing Shooting Star, but it still wasn’t enough.Hangman went for another pin, but Cobb kicked out at ONE and caught his opponent out of the air with Tombstone Piledriver!

Hangman would not stay down, throwing everything he had left into a superkick and a rolling elbow. He delivered a headbutt, but Cobb is an Islander so it may have hurt the challenger just as much. Page shotgunned himself through the ropes into a brutal looking lariat, set up for the Right of Passage, but Cobb wriggled free and spun him into an F5! Tour of the Islands coming…but Hangman rolled out of it into a small package! 1…2…NO! The crowd absolutely could not believe that didn’t get it. He went for another shotgun lariat, but Cobb caught him with Tour of the Islands! The champion didnt’ go for the pin, immediately picking his opponent up, connecting with a second Tour of the Islands that must have had three or four full rotations on it, and finally got the win.

Winner and Still Champion: Jeff Cobb


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