Did Tommaso Ciampa Escape With the NXT Title vs. Velveteen Dream at ‘Takeover: WarGames 2’?

The Velveteen Dream challenged Tommaso Ciampa for the NXT Championship on November 17. NXT Takeover: WarGames was the event and this was a very highly anticipated match indeed. 

The Dream made his entrance dressed in the familiar gimmick of Hollywood Hulk Hogan. He was wearing mostly black and purple instead of black and white however. But longtime fans immediately recognized it and loudly applauded The Dream’s efforts.

The match was highly contested, with both men trading the advantage back and forth. Ciampa was his usual devious self and The Velveteen Dream played to the crowd through much of the match. 

The Dream even channeled Hogan with the infamous finger point, followed by three leg-drops. But Ciampa stayed in the match, eventually suplexing Dream over the top rope to the floor. The Dream later went for a kick and very nearly hit the referee but did not make contact. 

Ciampa rolled The Dream up with a handful of tights but the referee saw the move and would not count three. The Velveteen Dream hit the Death Valley Driver but Ciampa kicked out at two. The Dream continued hitting one move after another but Tommaso kept kicking out.

Ciampa eventually retained the advantage and tore the padding up from the floor at ringside. He grabbed The Dream and went for a DDT but Dream sent both men crashing over the announce table. 

But things turned when Ciampa chose to berate Mauro Ranallo at ringside, giving The Dream a chance to hit the DVD on Ciampa on the exposed floor. However this was not the end either, as Tommaso eventually regrouped. He put The Dream down head-first on the metal plate separating both rings and got the win.

Many fans likely believed this was to be The Velveteen Dream’s night. But once again Ciampa walked away with the gold. This was The Dream’s first shot at Ciampa’s title so it’s entirely possible that the feud between them may not be over just yet.

The dream is still a NIGHTMARE. @ProjectCiampa is STILL your #NXTChampion! #NXTTakeOver #AndStill @VelveteenWWE

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— WWE (@WWE) November 18, 2018

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