WWE 205 Live Results (10/10): The Era of Buddy Murphy Begins, Lio Rush Issues an Open Challenge

WWE 205 Live Results
October 10, 2018

— For the first time since WrestleMania, 205 Live opens with a brand new WWE Cruiserweight Champion! A video package airs recapping Buddy Murphy’s incredible victory over Cedric Alexander this past weekend at WWE Super Show-Down.

— Lio Rush made his way to the ring and said it was the Man of the Hour’s time, and every time he’s in the ring it’s an opportunity to make someone famous. It’s time for an open challenge, and Rush tells whoever it is to come correct, because Rush Hour has come to collect. Alright then.


Really good back and forth match between these two. Rush controlled early on and did a ton of trash talking, but also backed it up by controlling the pace and not letting his opponent off his feat. Dorado eventually mounted his comeback and shocked Rush with some impressive springboard attacks and a corkscrew crossbody to the outside. He went up top to put things away, but was distracted by Maria Kanellis strolling down the entrance ramp. Mike Kanellis came out of nowhere, shoving him off the top rope to end the match.

The #ManOfTheHour @itsLioRush opens up #205Live with an open challenge!

— WWE (@WWE) October 10, 2018

— Lio Rush immediately bailed from the ring and Kanellis continued to pick apart Lince Dorado, putting the boots to him in the corner before planting him with a little Twist & Shout (twisting DDT). The happy couple held hands and posed over their fallen victim as the commentary team tried to figure out why they have come to 205 Live. 

— A video package aired featuring Buddy Murphy saying that he wasn’t on 205 Live tonight because he decided to stay in Australia. “The champ does whatever the champ wants”. 

— Cedric Alexander and Mustafa Ali were shown hanging out backstage, talking about what happened this past weekend. Ali doesn’t seem to believe that his friend is “all good” after losing his title in Australia. Ali announces that he’s got a Falls Count Anywhere match against Hideo Itami in two weeks time! Cedric congratulates him and says he’s going to “send a message” so loud they’ll be able to hear it in Melbourne. 

— Drew Gulak and Gentleman Jack Gallagher addressed the 205 Live Universe backstage, saying that it’s always better to address a wound right away rather than let it fester. That’s what they did last week by removing The Brian Kendrick from their ranks, saying that he has lost his “killer instinct” and become sentimental. Next week, they take the next step in removing another thorn in their side – Akira Tozawa.


They kept stressing that Alexander had flown something like 10,000 miles just to be at 205 Live this week. He showed a lot of early aggression, taking out his frustrations on his opponent to the point where the referee had to warn him to back off.

Nese controlled the mid-match after slamming Cedric hard on the floor, slowing things down. Alexander came back with a huge dive to the floor before the two started trading brutal elbow strikes and kicks. Nese hit a rolling elbow that damn near knocked his opponent out, but Cedric hit him with a desperation superkick taking both men down.

This turned into one hell of a main event match. Heading to the finish, Cedric hit a standing Spanish Fly, but Nese got his foot on the bottom rope. You could see him starting to snap, and Nese took advantage slamming him down on his head on the apron. He blocked the Lumbar Check and connected with a brutal elbow strike while the former champ was arguing with the referee. Running knee strike connected in the corner, followed by a beautiful 450 splash to score the win.

.@CedricAlexander is showing off his athleticism tonight as he takes on @TonyNese on #205Live.

— WWE (@WWE) October 10, 2018

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