Ethan Page Talks ‘Over Budget Battle Royale’, ALL IN, Pizza Toppings, Wrestlers ‘Taking Back Their Independence’ & More

Independent wrestling sensation “All Ego” Ethan Page sat down with members of the media this past weekend just moments before he competed in the Over-Budget Battle Royale at ALL IN: Zero Hour.’s Mike Killam and Doug Enriquez had the pleasure of being a part of the media panel that interviewed talent prior to ALL IN. You can check out the full audio from Ego’s sit-down in the video above, as well as our transcriptions below. And, just because we’re big fans of his, don’t forget to check out his shop at Pro Wrestling Tees.

How was he contacted about being a part of the show? 

“I’ll be as blunt as possible – Cody Rhodes just text me and said, ‘Hey bro you want to be on ALL IN?’ That was it. Is there an option to say no? I don’t think so.”

Is ALL IN the biggest event of his career?

“Before I flew here to actually do the event, I was telling my wife, we have a kid and I don’t know where the rest of my career is going. Obviously everyone has dreams and goals, and I know where I want to be in the next five years, but being a part of this event could be the biggest event I ever work in front of. It’s not something I take lightly. Hopefully it’s not the biggest ever, but I’m excited to know that I can notch this on my belt in my career.”

What is it like being in the ALL IN locker room, when he is generally considered something of a veteran in most independent locker rooms? 

“I want to soak up as much as possible, and learn as much as possible. The guys that are in my match alone – you’re talking about Billy Gunn, Tommy Dreamer. This is big, and I get to learn from guys that have made a living in this for many years, and have years of experience. I would much prefer to be in a locker room like this, than to be a big fish in a small pond.”

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What does he like on his pizza? 

“Double cheese.”

His strategy heading into the Over-Budget Battle Royale: 

“Strategy wise, I would kind of just got with what I’ve been doing for the last 12 years. Not everyone in the seats knows who I am, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have 12 years of wrestling experience under my belt. I’ve shared locker rooms with Jay Lethal before. I’ve wrestled for Ring of Honor, Impact Wrestling, Evolve, in Japan, England, Canada – people forget that I’m an international superstar because I’m from Canada. When I come here they treat me like a crappy American, but in reality I had to work extra hard just to leave my country, to get enough notoriety to be booked in America. Not only am I one of the best wrestlers in Canada, but I’ve proven that now in America too.”

Is the vibe different with ALL IN, with promotions now being willing to work with each other more so than in the past? 

“It’s going towards the wrestlers calling their own shots. Look at Brian Cage. He’s contracted to Lucha Underground, but he’s the X-Division Champion at Impact Wrestling. Even tonight, Impact put a tweet out wishing all the roster members good luck on the show, promoting ALL IN. It’s almost like we’re celebrating our independence in a way, with guys doing what they feel is best for their carers, and for professional wrestling. We’re almost taking professional wrestling back, kind of.”

With being known as a ‘social media guy’, how have his social media platforms helped him get on shows such as ALL IN? 

“The way I handle myself on social media, I’m very meticulous. I overthink absolutely everything. I obsess over it. My wife says I grind my teeth at night when I sleep. I think that the way you present yourself to the public is a very, very important thing, especially when it comes to entertainment as a job. If I didn’t have any social media presence whatsoever, I doubt I would be on the show.”

How have you stayed out of trouble with social media over the years? 

“I don’t divide a line, or create controversy. I stray from causing any problems for myself. I’m also very open-minded to a lot of things. But the biggest thing for me is interacting with my fans. I truly believe that if I’m a fan of any form of entertainment, and I reached out to them, I know how cool it would be for myself if they responded to me or even acknowledged me as a fan of whatever they’re doing. So if someone sends me a question or a comment, and I respond to them, I feel like that’s a special connection that I’m making with them. I’m making one fan at a time.”

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