The New Day Shoots On Big Show Telling Kofi Kingston He Needed to Leave New Day Behind

Prior to WWE SummerSlam last weekend, WWE stars The New Day appeared on “Open Late” with WWE host Peter Rosenberg, and you can watch the entire appearance in the above video player.

During the show, The New Day addressed WWE veteran Big Show not being high on the idea of Kofi Kingston being in the group when the tag team was first starting out, as Show felt rookies Big E and Xavier Woods would hold Kingston back in WWE.

“So Big Show,” explained Big E, “when we were trying to get off the ground, Big Show would pull Kofi Kingston aside and say – like legit pull him to where you are, so we’re standing within earshot and say – ‘what are you doing with those two? They’re bringing you down. You should be in the World Title picture.’ And this is at a time where it’s like, ‘oh Big Show, it’s all fun and games’, but [me and Xavier Woods]are struggling to get on TV.”

“I had been on the road for three months doing nothing,” added Xavier Woods. “I had just come up from developmental, like, ‘oh everything is so shiny and new I’m just happy to be here guys.’ And [Big Show] is just taking a dump on me, like to my face.”

The group then went on to say that Big Show eventually had a change of heart when New Day started to find success in WWE, and Woods revealed Big Show eventually came to them and admitted he was “completely wrong” about the group, and said he was glad they didn’t listen to his initial advice.

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You can listen to more from The New Day in the above video player.

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