PROGRESS Announces Death Match For Chapter 71, Mark Dallas On Professional Wrestling & Mikey Whiplash

UK company, PROGRESS Wrestling has revealed a new match for its upcoming Chapter 71 show which will involve one of its top stars, Jimmy Havoc.

PROGRESS announced that Havoc will be involved in a death match against Spike Trivet in Sheffield, England, as Havoc prepares for his upcoming battle with Will Ospreay.


SHEFFIELD: challenged by Will Ospreay to rediscover the depravity and desperation that led him to 691 days as PROGRESS Champion, @JimmyHavoc heads into @O2AcademySheff and a DEATHMATCH this Sunday vs @TikeSprivet. This could get messy. Tickets: #Chapter71

— PROGRESS Wrestling (@ThisIs_Progress) June 4, 2018

Mark Dallas On Professional Wrestling & Mike Whiplash’s Future

Insane Championship Wrestling owner, Mark Dallas recently spoke to ICW’s YouTube channel about the art of professional wrestling and what he believes that means.

“I think a lot of people don’t get what art actually is. If you are a painter, you are painting the picture not for everyone to be happy and be in love with the picture, if you are a true artist you’re goal is to make them feel something whether it’s happy, sad, sick, repulsed, cause debate, make you and other people talk about the art that is in front of you. A lot of professional wrestling seems to be pandering to the lowest common denominator, making people go “This is awesome.” That’s not art, that is not professional wrestling, now it is about who can do the best moves and who are the best buddies backstage, in ICW, I am always on a quest to create art, I don’t want you to like everything ICW does and others I want you to be angry.”

Dallas also went on to talk about the future of Mikey Whiplash in ICW, revealing he will no longer be able to compete in death matches from this point forward.

“What I noticed when Mikey got carted off to the hospital, that is a man with a death wish and I am not having him die on my time, so Michael, hopefully, one day you will understand why I am doing this. From now on, when Mikey Whiplash steps into an ICW wrestling ring he will wrestle under traditional wrestling rules. I will show people why he is one of the best wrestlers in the world today.”

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