WWE and 2K Want Lawsuit Regarding Randy Orton’s Tattoos Thrown Out

Back in April of this year, tattoo artist Catherine Alexander sued both WWE and 2K for copyright violation, claiming the tattoo work she did on WWE star Randy Orton appeared in the WWE 2K18 video game for which she was not paid royalties.

According to, WWE and 2K have both filed motions in the United States District Court of Southern District of Illinois to have Alexander’s lawsuit dismissed.

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Alexander claims the work she did on Randy Orton, which is “easily recognized by his fans and members of the public”, was done between the years of 2003 and 2008, and she never gave WWE nor 2K permission to recreate her tattoo work for video game purposes.

The report furthers that back in March of 2018, Alexander filed to copyright Orton’s tattoo designs, and reached out to WWE regarding 2009 designs that were being featured in video games. WWE allegedly offered Alexander $450 for the rights to her designs, but she turned down the offer.

The motion filed by 2K allege that Alexander failed to adequately obtain copyrights for the work in question and that the plaintiff did not abide by other necessary federal laws.

With regards to WWE, they are motioning to have the lawsuit dismissed as they feel the state of Illinois has no jurisdiction over them as they are incorporated in Delaware and their headquarters are located in Connecticut.

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