Matt Hardy Polls Fans On Deleting Reigns and McMahon, WWE – Women’s History Month Video, How Old Is Sting Today?

WWE has released the above and below videos.

See how WWE’s Women’s divisions have inspired generations of WWE fans with their drive, passion and athleticism.

How Old Is Sting Today?

In today’s pro wrestler birthday news, The Icon and WWE Hall of Famer Sting turns 59 years old.

Matt Hardy Polls Fans On Deleting Reigns and McMahon

The much-anticipated Ultimate Deletion match, featuring Matt Hardy vs Bray Wyatt, finally aired on WWE Raw last night, and the match was met with generally positive reviews from fans on social media.

One “fan” who did not seem to enjoy Ultimate Deletion was Raw announcer Michael Cole, who as we noted apologized to the WWE fans for the match, prior to it airing in the main event slot. While Cole’s pre-match comments drew considerable heat from fans on social media, it’s worth noting that the announce teams in WWE are heavily produced, and it’s very possible, though not confirmed, that Cole was told to say the apology line by a WWE producer or even Vince McMahon himself.

Following Raw last night, Matt Hardy took to Twitter and issued the following “deletion poll”:

RE-TWEET if you DESIRE to see another #UltimateDELETION on #RAW, maybe..

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Michael Cole, The OBSOLETE MULE


Roman Reigns, The LARGE CANINE



— #WOKEN Matt Hardy (@MATTHARDYBRAND) March 20, 2018

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