F1 likely to drop MGU-H element from future engine regs

Most Formula 1 engine manufacturers are in favour of dropping the MGU-H element from the sport’s next generation engine regulations according to Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto.

F1’s stakeholders are in the process of defining the sport’s next-generation engine platform that is expected to be introduced in 2026.

While the future rules will retain and even emphasize the hybrid attributes of F1’s current engine which was introduced in 2014, the unit could be stripped of its costly MGU-H, the Motor Generator Unit-Heat device that recovers energy from an engine’s turbocharger.

The move is being considered as a way to reduce development costs and encourage the entry into the sport of new manufacturers such as Volkswagen which is reportedly considering becoming a supplier to F1 in the future.

Binotto gave an update on the issue after the manufactures’ latest meeting that took place over the recent Italian Grand Prix weekend.

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“A lot of discussions have happened since the last meeting in Austria and there have been the next steps in the direction of defining the future of the power unit,” Binotto said.

“So far all the discussions we had have been positive, and most or all the manufacturers somehow agree on the fact to remove the MGU-H.

“So, we as the others are in agreement with that. There are a lot of details and it’s still to be discussed, agreed. But I think that generally speaking, the discussion is moving on positively at the moment.”


Mercedes F1 boss Toto Wolff echoed Binotto’s view, saying the German manufacturer was open to F1 getting rid of the MGU-H element.

“The MGU-H is going to be dropped if we can find alignment of many other points,” said Wolff.

“I think it’s a compromise. I cannot speak for anybody else but at Mercedes we are prepared to…in order to facilitate the entry of the Volkswagen Group.

“But there are several other topics where compromise needs to be found.

“If compromise cannot be found then we will probably revert to the governance and have 2026 regulations that the FIA and FOM (Formula One Management) are going to come up with.”

Formula 1 is eager to attract at least one additional engine manufacturer in the future. Currently, Mercedes supply four of the sport’s ten teams while Ferrari’s power unit powers three teams.

Renault provides its engines exclusively to its Alpine team, while Honda will partially hand over its engine program to Red Bull in 2022 before the energy drink company brings its partner’s units in-house from 2023.

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