Oakland Raiders’ Offensive Lineman Roasted On Twitter After His Hilarious ‘Helicopter Fumble’

Offensive linemen rarely get the glory they deserve. They wind up covered in blood and sweat in the trenches while flashy wide receivers, running backs, and quarterbacks get all the accolades.

In a game versus the Miami Dolphins on Sunday, Nov. 5, Oakland Raiders’ right tackle, 320-pound Marshall Newhouse, picked up a fumble and fantasized about taking it 60 yards to the house. But his dreams were dashed after five yards in an epic display of aerial ballet.

In the third quarter of the Raiders’ 27-24 win, Dolphins’ defensive lineman Ndamukong Suh got around Marshall Newhouse and stripped quarterback Derek Carr of the ball. Newhouse quickly scooped up the pigskin, and instead of dropping on the ball to protect it, he headed for the end zone, 60-plus yards away. As he switched the ball between hands, Newhouse was upended by Dolphins’ linebacker Kiko Alonso and spun through the air like a helicopter, fumbling the ball in the process.

The hilarious play attracted a lot of attention on social media, so Pardon My Take called Newhouse to get his thoughts on it after the game. “It started good. They ran like a stunt, and I picked up Suh, and then it went bad and he got past me,” Newhouse said, “and he stripped the quarterback. And then it was good, because I made a relatively athletic play and figured, ‘Oh, I’ll get some of the yards back from the mistake that I caused.’ And then it just went really, really bad. And then I saw lots of aqua Miami uniforms coming at me.”

“He’s an athlete,” Raiders’ head coach Jack Del Rio said of Newhouse at a post-game press conference. “He was going to go at least another four or five yards. It’s one of those, like — ‘Get down! Get down’ [situations]. He saw the end zone. I don’t even really think he was thinking first down. He was thinking ‘I’m gonna score.’ That’s what those big guys do. We try to get them to think about just locking up the ball and protecting it, but they can’t help it. They’re going for the end zone.”

After the game, hilarious clips of the “helicopter fumble” began popping up on Twitter, and even Newhouse got in on the fun.

Share image via CJ Fogler/Twitter.

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