Trump Supporter Who Complains About A Lawn Sign Gets Schooled By A 7th Grader 

As the world takes stock of President Trump’s 100 Days (including us here, here, and here), there occurred an amazing moment of thoughtful rebuttal. The event took place in one of the more traditional and less incendiary of places: the local newspaper.  

The issue at hand? A Winchester, MA man named John Natale, who identifies as a Trump supporter, wrote a letter to the editor complaining about the proliferation of lawn signs reading, “Hate Has No Home Here.”

Natale railed against the need for such a sign, and apparently claimed the “snowflakes” posting them stirred up hate.  

Matthew Segal, a civil rights lawyer for the ACLU in Massachusetts, caught a response to Natale, published on April 29.

A seventh grader named Luke penned a brilliant letter explaining the sign, which starts like this: 

He then ticked off Natale’s fallacious argument one-by-one. 

Segal posted a screenshot of the response, which has been retweeted thousands of times with shares and comments:

A note of irony (or is it hypocrisy?) here: Natale has a sign on his own lawn—supporting Trump—which Luke tactfully suggests removing. 

May we all be inspired by this kid’s rational response. For the original piece, go here. 

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