Utah Jazz Gives A Blind 7-Year-Old Fan Hi-Tech Glasses, Allowing Him To See For The First Time

When the Utah Jazz learned that one of their young fans, seven-year-old Landon Carter, had a visual impairment that kept him from being able to enjoy watching his hometown team, they decided to do something about it. Landon suffers from aniridia, which has left him legally blind, but he has the ability to see objects that are very close to his face. Those suffering from aniridia are born without irises, resulting in constantly blurry vision. 

Upon learning of Landon’s condition, the team invited him to experience a new technology called eSight. The technology utilizes two small high-definition LED screens worn on the user’s face like standard glasses. A camera takes in the action at a distance, then displays it on the screens for fans that otherwise couldn’t make out the far-off comings and goings of a game. 

You can watch video of the moment here.


From news station KUTV: 

The glasses are currently on the market for $15,000, but the price has been steadily falling, allowing more visually impaired people to experience the same joy of sight that Landon does in the video above. 

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