Kim Kardashian’s Old Tweets Are a Bright Spot In Our Dark World

In honor of Kim’s birthday, please enjoy these musings from 2009-10.

You’re welcome.

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Keeping Up With the Kardashians was *this* close to being a psychic dentist show. 

Walmart 4evr.  

Imagine a universe in which Kim starred in the Hills reboot … 

What do Nicole Richie and Kim Kardashian’s jeep have in common? More than you’d think:

New catchphrase alert:

An important lesson in Internet slang: 


Before she was the reigning monarch of social media, she ruled a very different kingdom … 

Germany is Vonderfull.

That neon green Lambo can GTFO. 

2D is *so* 2008.

This is a case for the FBI. 

Same, Kim, same. 

Now this is Inception:

“Love” is a strong word, 2010 Kim.

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