'I'm working my b*llocks off to get fit!' – Carroll slams media 'lies' for boozy reputation

The Newcastle striker has been angered by reports throughout his career as he works to get back to full fitness following his Magpies return

Newcastle striker Andy Carroll has hit out at media “lies” which he feels gave him a bad reputation, and insists he is doing his utmost to get back to full fitness.

The towering frontman and former Magpies No.9 returned to St James’ Park this summer on a free transfer after injury problems hampered his time at West Ham.

During his career, newspaper stories claimed the England international picked up an injury after drunkenly climbing a hotel balcony while another reported he was hurt falling from a table tennis table while celebrating.

Carroll has dismissed the claims as rubbish and passionately defended himself, while insisting he does not want to be sidelined and injured, unable to play and help his team-mates.

Asked by Newcastle’s official website if he reads about himself, he said: “I used to years ago, and then there was so much press, bad press, and I just was like, ‘I can’t even be bothered with it’, because most of it is lies.

“There was one (story), I think it was last season, that I got injured trying to climb over a balcony drunk on pre-season with West Ham, and I fell off the balcony and got injured. In the paper! I’m like, what am I even reading this for? It’s a load of ********.

“I won a game of table tennis, jumped on the table, landed, smashed the table and rolled my ankle and I’m injured. What? So I just stopped reading everything.

“It’s not my fault,” he added of his injury problems. “I don’t want to be sitting in the gym by myself doing rehab. I want to be outside doing what I love to do, playing football and being with the lads. I’ve been out of it for so long, and I don’t want to be like that.

“People think you’re getting paid so it doesn’t matter. No – that’s not the case. I haven’t come into this job to get paid. Yeah, it pays well, but I’ve come into it because I love it – there’s a difference.

“I don’t love being in the gym. Everyone that knows me knows I hate the gym, it’s the worst thing ever. I want to be outside. I’m working my b*llocks off to get fit and I was working my b*llocks off when I was injured as well. It’s non-stop.”

Reports of drinking clearly affected the striker, as even innocent meals with family or having a soft drink with pals would somehow get picked up.

“I’d be getting phone calls in London saying, ‘you’re out, and you’re drinking this’. No – I’m in a restaurant with my family. ‘Well you’ve been spotted’. Yeah, I’ve been spotted in there because it’s a restaurant! ‘Yeah, but they sell alcohol, so you must have been drinking’. No – I’m with the kids!

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“People just jump on it, thinking ‘oh, Andy’s in the pub’. Yesterday, I went for food with my mate and got a pint of lemonade. I was sitting there and I could see people taking pictures. Because it’s a pint glass, I start getting paranoid with it. I’m drinking lemonade!”

Not only have the media caused him frustration but one football fan also angered him with a needless joke about his fitness struggles.

While taking his children on holiday to Lapland, Carroll was approached by a man who made a gag about being careful on the ice.

“I was just like, ‘really? Do you need to come over and say that?’ I’m actually talking there nicely, and then he comes over and says that. I’m sat there with my kids. It really annoyed me,” he admitted.

Having been out of action since February, Carroll will be desperate to return and help his new team out after Steve Bruce’s men lost their opening two Premier League matches; 1-0 at home to Arsenal and 3-1 away at Norwich.

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