Lycra’s first recycled EcoMade fibers earn GRS Certification

Lycra today announced a new certification status for two of its
EcoMade fibers.The fiber and technology solutions company has
introduced its first lines of spandex made from pre-consumer recycled
materials – the EcoMade fibers Type 166E and 162E, which have been
certified to the GRS (Global Recycled Standard).

Currently produced in Brazil, Lycra’s EcoMade fibers offer the same
comfort and fit as the company’s original fiber, yet are partly made
with fiber waste collected from the company’s manufacturing sites as a
means to reduce waste. Certificated from GRS verifies the sustainable
impact of the EcoMade fibers as the status includes strict social,
environmental and chemical requirements.

“We believe sustainability is a journey of continuous improvement
that touches every aspect of our business, from reducing energy, water
usage and waste at our sites to developing new products with excellent
performance and a smaller footprint,” Jean Hegedus, sustainability
director of Lycra said in a statement. “We have also set a goal to
convert the vast majority of our Coolmax and Thermolite fiber business
to post-consumer recycled versions by 2021.”

The EcoMade fibers will by Lycra’s primary focus for its booth at
the upcoming Kingpins New York denim trade show, November 19-20.

Image: Lycra

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