Grosjean pissed off by constant negative radio broadcasts

Romain Grosjean’s rants over his team’s radio are frequently broadcasted to the public and the Haas driver is fed-up with the negative exposure he’s getting.

In qualifying yesterday, after missing the Q1 cut, Grosjean voiced his exasperation with his car’s brake problems, and sure enough, the communication was picked up by F1 radio and broadcasted to the world. 

The Haas driver now believes he is being unfairly singled out, and his image has been tainted by the amount of negative comments disseminated to the public. 

“Everyone is saying things [on team radio], and when I’m saying things, it’s just for the team, it’s not for the outside world. It’s our internal business, if I have rear locking and front locking or whatever.

“I’ve been broadcast much more than others and I’m pretty sure others have been swearing and not being happy sometimes.

“I just feel that they have been a bit unfair and I’m tired [of it].” 

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Well aware of a problem which isn’t new to him, Grosjean insists that he has made an effort to tone it down over the radio.

But he also believes his widely publicized and chronic brake issues have become something of an amusing inside joke for others to enjoy. 

“You know, I can fight my nature, which I’ve been trying to, but it’s not really what I want,” he said.

“I’ve tried, and I need to try more… but I don’t know. It’s a sketch because it’s been a year and a half. But things should be better soon.” 

On the team’s side, Haas boss Guenther Steiner says the frequent broadcasts are a non-issue. 

“As long as he’s not disrespectful to any one person, I find – you know, when you get personal, then it’s not good anymore, in my opinion,” said Steiner.


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