As Raavan & Brothers Go Up In Flames On Dussehra, Air Quality Tanks In Delhi-NCR

Even as there’s little respite from already poor air quality in national capital Delhi, Dussehra festivities only made it worse. By evening, as Raavan effigies were lit, the cheer went up but air quality tanked quickly.

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At India Gate, the PM 2.5 concentration spiked from 99 micrograms per cubic metre at 7 pm to 191 at 9 pm.


While winds remained the same throughout, air quality across Delhi deteriorated.

The nationally accepted standard for PM 2.5 is 60 micrograms per cubic metre.

The highest PM concentration was recorded in Dwarka at 9 pm where air pollutants were six times higher than the acceptable value at 382 micrograms per cubic metre.

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