IFA Paris rolls out the Red Carpet for Nuit Blanche

Initiated since 2002 in France, Nuit Blanche à Paris (sleepless
night in Paris) invites the public to experiment another cultural and
artistic approach by opening the gates of places that are generally closed
to the public. The 2019 edition plunged IFA Paris into the darkness to
bring to light the strong values of fashion: creativity, originality,
inclusiveness and diversity. The theme of this year was a tribute to Rosa
Parks, Afro-American Seamstress, and emblematic figure of the fight against
segregation and discriminations.

IFA Paris showcased some of the creations made by the Bachelor Fashion
Design & Technology students and of the Master of Arts Contemporary Fashion
Design students around the topic of upcycling ; the opportunity for the
audience to discover new alternatives to the classic garment construction.
The “Red Carpet” concept aspires, for the third year in a row, made fashion
available for all and fought against the elitist prejudices of the

IFA Paris welcomed visitors to its campus with the collaboration of the
19th district neighborhood association “Les Couleurs du Pont de Flandre”
(The Colours of the Flandre Bridge). By crossing the Crimée Bridge,
visitors could attend two nocturnal fashion shows on the banks of the Canal
de l’Ourcq. 60 different looks were showcased, men and women, amateur
models and professionals, all representative of the 19th district
inhabitants diversity, mixing different colours, ages, genders, disabled
and abled.

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