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For the most part, the teams that have NFL playoff clinching scenarios in play for Week 15 based on the current playoff picture are the same teams that had chances to earn postseason berths or division titles last week.

The Ravens, for example, clinched a playoff berth last week but will have more clinching scenarios in front of them Sunday, when they have opportunities to clinch both the AFC North title and a first-round bye in the playoffs. The Patriots, Bills, 49ers and Seahawks failed to clinch playoff berths last week despite the scenarios that were in play, but all four have chances again in Week 15.

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The Packers, meanwhile, are presented their first chance to clinch a playoff berth this season, although their clinching scenario requires some help from another NFC contender.

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Below are all the NFL playoff clinching scenarios for the six teams that have chances to stamp their postseason status in Week 15, followed by a complete playoff picture.

NFL playoff clinching scenarios for Week 15

Green Bay Packers (10-3)

(vs. Bears)

Packers clinch playoff berth with:

Packers win AND Rams loss or tie ORPackers tie AND Rams loss

San Francisco 49ers​ (11-2)

(vs. Falcons)

49ers clinch playoff berth with:

49ers win or tie ORRams loss or tie ORVikings loss AND Packers loss

Seattle Seahawks (10-3)

(at Panthers)

Seahawks clinch playoff berth with:

Seahawks win AND Rams loss or tie ORSeahawks win AND Vikings loss ORSeahawks win AND Packers loss AND Vikings tie ORSeahawks tie AND Rams loss

Baltimore Ravens (11-2)

(vs. Jets)

Ravens clinch first-round bye in playoffs with:

Ravens win AND Patriots loss ORRavens win AND Chiefs loss or tie ORRavens tie AND Chiefs loss

Ravens clinch AFC North title with:

Ravens win or tie ORSteelers loss or tie

New England Patriots (10-3)

(at Bengals)

Patriots clinch playoff berth with:

Patriots win or tie

Buffalo Bills (9-4)

(at Steelers)

Bills clinch playoff berth with:

Bills win

NFL playoff picture


Seed Team Record Clinched
1. Baltimore Ravens 11-2 Playoff berth
2. New England Patriots 10-3
3. Kansas City Chiefs 9-4 Division; playoff berth
4. Houston Texans 8-5
5. Buffalo Bills 9-4
6. Pittsburgh Steelers 8-5

In the hunt: Titans (8-5), Browns (6-7), Raiders (6-7), Colts (6-7), Broncos (5-8)


Seed Team Record Clinched
1. San Francisco 49ers 11-2
2. Green Bay Packers 10-3
3. New Orleans Saints 10-3 Division; playoff berth
4. Dallas Cowboys 6-7
5. Seattle Seahawks 10-3
6. Minnesota Vikings 9-4

In the hunt: Rams (8-5), Bears (7-6), Eagles (6-7)

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