H&M starts selling "tailor-made" shirts through H&M Lab platform

The Swedish multinational group H&M has just created a new platform
under the name of H&M Lab. A digital portal, for now exclusively operative
in Germany, through which it will market the latest services, its newest
products and all the innovations created by its research “hub”, The
Laboratory. It will also be looking for new collaborations and projects
with all kinds of emerging companies.

“With we have the possibility to present and offer access to
all kinds of innovative products and services,” says Oliver Lange, Director
of H&MLab Germany. “This way we can see which ones have the highest
approval rates and which ones are particularly well received by our
customers. All this thanks to a platform designed “to test innovative
products and services,” they say from the company itself, which also
promote the development of local startups linked to the retail sector.
“Through joint creation with clients and emerging companies,” they explain,
“we want to develop products and services that our consumers will love and
that will have a positive impact on building a more sustainable future.

In addition to offering its clients the possibility of acquiring some of
its products from its pilot initiatives, the company will also give them
the chance, through the platform, to participate in some of its trials. On
which it will show its latest developments on a regular basis.

ZyseMe Custom Shirts

Among the first initiatives launched by the company with this H&M Lab is
the “H&M Yours” project. This is a collaboration with German technology
company ZyseMe – specialized in customization services – consisting in the
manufacture of shirts adjusted to the measures of each client, made “as if
they were made to measure”.

“With the H&M Yours pilot project,” Lange adds, “we are learning how we can
individualize clothing while continuing to make it accessible to a wide
range of customers in a sustainable way.

“ZyseMe brings customised production to the world of fashion,” explains
Bobby Östberg, founder and CEO of ZyseMe in a statement. He said that the
company is “very proud” to be able to work together with H&M, while at the
same time contributing to the development of more sustainable production
techniques. “The fact that we can also offer customers added value at the
same time is a very important milestone for us.

At a sales price ranging from 34.99 euros for “Easy Iron” models to
39.99 euros for Oxford models, this is the first time that H&M decides to
sell fully customized garments. This is the first time that H&M has decided
to sell fully customized clothing, a development that comes just a month
after the company announced that it would begin to implement a similar
program for making customized jeans on a larger scale. While continuing to
drive greater circularity within the industry, through initiatives such as
the new rental clothing programs it is launching in the Swedish and Chinese

This article was originally published on FashionUnited.ES, edited and translated by Kelly Press

Photo Credits: H&M Lab, official website

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