Mick Of Berwyn Declared World's Oldest Living Rabbit

OAK PARK, IL — A rabbit from a western suburb of Chicago celebrated his 16th birthday in February, but he now has a new milestone to celebrate — he’s been recognized by Guinness World Records as the oldest rabbit in the world.

Mick, who lives in Berwyn with his proud owner Liz Rench, has beat the odds for life expectancy by six years. Rabbits don’t usually live past age 12 — their average life expectancy is around 10 years.

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“I am very proud of him and have been very inspired by the resilience and positivity he’s shown throughout his life,” Rench told Guinness. “There were countless times I thought that I was going to lose him, but he’s been able to adapt to the aging process with a good attitude and stays strong.”

Rench has been taking care of rabbits for 20 years, and said none have lived past 13.

“Mick is extremely special and I feel lucky to have him in my life!” she told Guinness.

Rench said he’s a kind, gentle little rabbit. He’s been unable to hop around for the past few years, so Rench takes him wherever he needs to go, including to the veterinarian. He has arthritis, and receives acupuncture to help relieve pain.

The historical record for oldest rabbit was held by Flopsy from Tasmania, Australia, who lived for a whopping 18 years after being caught in 1964.

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