Anastasi: “Zibi, I can’t help you” – reasons for departure of Bartman

Zbigniew Bartman will not take part in the Euro Volley 2013. He did not go up in Andrea Anastasi’s estimation. There were a lot of gossips about all reason which influenced the Polish coach’s decision involving spoiling the team spirit. Because of that fact, Andrea Anastasi finally made up his mind to resolve the doubts and provide all the circumstances of separation.



Italian coach of Polish National Team, Andrea Anastasi, firstly said goodbye to Krzysztof Ignaczak, and now decided to eliminate from the squad Zbigniew Bartman, what caused some less or more likely tittle-tattles.

Ex Poland’s NT player, at present a politician and Member of Polish Parliament, Pawel Papke, revealed his following opinion, ‘the cause of these movement may be the conflicts between players’.

“I am sure Bartman is not in his form this season like he was before, he did not play at the same level as in the World Cup and in last year’s World League. But in my opinion, such a decision from the coach is not affected only by sports reasons,” said in an interview to the Polish portals Papke.

“Matches with the Serbs were not broadcasted on any TV, but I saw the pictures, which testify to the fact that it came to conflict between the players. The coach had to solve problems, so he decided to give Bartman some time to think about certain situations,” reveals Papke.

Andrea Anastasi utterly denied that opinion and all these rumors.

“Bartman is not in form, did not play well and I have not seen any improvement ,” says Anastasi.

“This is the right and the only explanation, not some theories and speculations about the conflicts in the team. Zbigniew is a smart guy, we get along well. I admit that it was difficult to tell him the news that he won’t go to the European Championship,” emphasized the Italian coach.

“At some point, however, I told him frankly: Zibi, I cannot help you in any way. I tried to do it the whole season, but I am no longer able to. So I looked for alternatives and decided to try a new player,” Anastasi explains his decision to call up Grzegorz Bociek for the EuroVolley.

“I could not do as it was done in Rzeszow, where for some time Bartman was coming in from the bench and then played well in the last stage of the season. I do not have time for similar experiment,” says the Italian coach.

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