Eats Channel launches lingerie label

Eats Channel, the all-video social media platform that shares
influencers and models indulging in their favourite food to music, has
launched a lingerie label, Eats Lingerie.

The debut collection, ‘Black Cherry’, comprises of a bra, garter belt,
g-string and nipple pasties crafted from black eyelash lace, soft satin
trims and finished with glossy gold hardware and bespoke Eats-themed cherry

The first lingerie collection from Eats has been designed to encapsulate
“powerful, feminine pieces with a modern edge,” explained the brand, and
each range, debuting monthly, will be produced in strictly limited numbers
with less than 300 sets available at a time as they want the wearer to
“feel similarly special and rare”.

Chris Applebaum, the director of Eats, said in a statement: “I know the
idea of launching a lingerie brand may seem to have come out of left field,
but the genesis of this project was borne over 2 years ago. Lingerie found
Eats. While I have always loved working and featuring other brands on our
digital media platforms, sitting behind the curtain listening to girls in
the Eats wardrobe room, I would hear feedback about everything and –
especially with lingerie.”

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Eats Lingerie launches first collection, ‘Black Cherry’

Eats Lingerie’s creative direction and design is led by managing
director, Gemma Louise May, who previously worked for Australian lingerie
label, Honey Birdette, with Applebaum calling her the “real master” behind
the lingerie brand.

Commenting on the design, Applebaum, added: “I have worked closely with
our designers throughout the creative process which is why there are
certain design elements to Eats Lingerie which won’t be seen on other

“First of all: Fit. When girls put on our lingerie, we want them to know
they look their best and therefore feel their best. Secondly, each Eats
Lingerie set will be adorned by a tiny gold Eats-themed charm. The first
reflecting the confident, sexy and whimsical nature of the brand: cherries!

“Lastly, we want everything to be maximum sexy all the time. This means
demi-cup bras, lots of exposed booty so we see more skin, translucent and
lace fabrics so we can amp up the sexy factor even more. But, most
importantly, lingerie is intimate, so we want your experience with Eats
Lingerie to feel personal.”

To launch the debut collection, Eat Lingerie worked with LA-based
photographer Sonny Matson and model Erin Michelle Cummins to showcase the
black lace lingerie in Malibu.

Prices for the Eats Lingerie ‘Black Cherry’ collection ranges from 20 to
73 pounds (24.99 to 89.99 US dollars).

Images: courtesy of Eats Lingerie by Sonny Matson

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