World league: 3rd round preview

Netherlands, Serbia, Russia and Cuba want to keep the pole position. Brazil and Italy will fight to get to the top while Bulgaria, USA and Poland will do their best to score as much as possible.



Brazil will host Korea in Rio de Janeiro. It will be last two games at home for the reigning world champions which after the first two weekends of World League are ranked second in the pool A with one point loss to the leader of the pool, Netherlands. Korea is still waiting for its first victory in this year World League competition. However the most interesting should be rivalry between Netherlands and Bulgaria and in this competition we cannot predict the winner.

In the pool B Italy and Serbia will clash to fight for the pole position. Both teams remain unbeaten and are in perfect shape, both physical and mental. At the moment Serbia is on the top of the standing with 12 points, followed closely by Italy with 11 points. After defeats with Italy and Serbia France got big opportunity to get first points in this year World League. “Les bleus” will face China and are expected to win twice. Antonin Rouzier, opposite of the team is now ready to play.

Russia will do its best to remain the leader of the pool C. The guys of coach Daniele Bagnoli remain unbeaten but lost one point against Egypt last week and the performance of the team was pretty disappointing. Now Russians need to keep their concentration against Finland which always is a tough and demanding. rival. USA, the reigning Olympic champion will host Egypt. USA didn’t start its participation in the World League well but improved their performance and now are ranked as a second team in the pool. The favorite of this matches is of course home side but Egypt is a very tough and unpredictable competitor which we have already seen in its previous games.

In the pool D Cuba will try to remain the leader of the pool. However it might be a little tricky task because after facing some problems Poland, the current European champion, got back to its high performance and wants to climb in the standings. Argentina, the host of the Final Six will face Germany. The favorite is a team coached by Raul Lozano but the young team of Argentina is waiting for its first victory and for sure will do its best to cause a nice surprise for home fans.

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