Mr. Nick’s Notes: SmackDown 10/4/2019

Not only is it the 20th anniversary of SmackDown, but it just happens to be the first episode WWE airs a show live on FOX. Safe to say this is one of the biggest nights in WWE history.
Appropriately Vince and Stephanie McMahon start off the show to welcome the WWE Universe to Fox and Friday Night SmackDown. I’m already hyped for tonight, and they’re bringing the heat.
Holy smokes that’s quite the set!

Not a big fan of the lack of Rene Young on commentary tonight…
The RAW Woman’s Champion Becky Lynch gets the second entrance of the night and she has a microphone. She’s here to kick someone’s ass!
Then King Corbin has his music hit and he comes out to tell Becky that The King should be starting the show off.

Not wasting any time getting The Rock out here tonight and I don’t mind at all! Goosebumps everytime that music hits.
Finally! THE ROCK HAS COME BACK…..(pause for goosebumps)…Home….
Corbin tries to talk smack with The Rock and it’s not going well for him.

Becky and The Rock get a testicles joke on Corbin. He replies with some cheap heat about Lebron James. Rock isn’t having it.
Okay okay this, whole promo has been fire. Please go look it up and enjoy some nostalgia mixed with making Becky Lynch. Amazing.
The Man and The Rock take turns beating up on King Corbin! Rock’s punches! Becky Legdrop! People’s Elbow! Rock Bottom!!
What a way to start the WWE on Fox era!
Match #1: Tag Team Match
RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch & Charlotte Flair v SmackDown Women’s Champion & Sasha Banks
Pretty great honour for these 4 women to have the first match on FOX. They started the women’s revolution and deserve every bit of praise given to them.
What a fun match helped by a very hot crowd!
Match End: Charlotte Flair forces the SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley to tap out in the middle of the ring to the Figure Eight.
Erin Andrews interviews The New Day backstage! They let everyone know that Kofi wants to climb the mountian of being an underdog alone tonight.
Match #2: Non-Title Champion v Champion singles match:
Intercontinental Champion Shinsuke Nakamura w/Sami Zayn v Universal Champion Seth Rollins
After Seth Rollins makes his entrance we get an episode of the Firefly FunHouse. He’s introducing everyone on FOX to his friends…and they’re going to show Seth what’s going to happen at Hell in a Cell. Rambling Rabbit plays Seth and gets mauled by The Buzzard. Then it got creepy…
Well, after that Seth gets to wrestle the King of Strong Style.
They come back from break and Hulk Hogan had an entrance apparently. Won’t lie, not heartbroken we missed it.
Nakamura gets an early armbar, but then Seth takes control.
Then the lights go out….
The Fiend takes out Rollins with the Mandible Claw on the entrance ramp, then throws him off the stage.
Match #3: Career v Career Ladder Match
Kevin Owens v Shane McMahon
Kevin Owens runs up the ramp and attacks Shane during this “best in the world” stuff.
KO is setting up ladders in and outside of the ring. This has been a hard hitting match so far which is exactly as it should be.
Shane sets up KO on the announce table then eventually hits the flying elbow drop from the top rope onto the table and Owens as they cut to commercial. Wow.
When we get back KO is climbing the top rope as Shane is laying on a ladder set up outside between the ring and barrier. FROG SPLASH! Both men are broken in half just like the ladder!
Shane grabs a chair to intercept KO as he climbs the ladder. Then Shane places a ladder on KO in the corner and hits “Coast to Coast”! Pulling out all the big moves in this one! Shane sets up a ladder and starts to climb. Powerbomb onto a ladder!
Match End: Kevin Owens grabs the briefcase and Shane McMahon is FIRED! WHAT A MATCH!
(holy smokes I’m as hyped as the crowd is)
They air a video package of hilights from the last 20 years of SmackDown. So many memories! Stone Cold v Booker T in the grocery store. Eddie’s Championship celebration. Brock and Big Show breaking the ring. Teddy Long. Memories.
Match #4: 8-man Tag Team Match
Heavy Machinery/Braun Strowman/The Miz v Dolph Ziggler/Robert Roode/Randy Orton/United States Champion AJ Styles
I’m guessing thisatchbis to get as many starts on the show as possible tonight. That or a nice memory of when Teddy Long was GM.
Everyone gets their moves in which is what these matches are for. Clearly this is a showcase for Braun.
Match End: Braun Strowman pins Ziggler.
After the match some boxing guy named Tyson Fury (who was taunted by Braun during the match) jumps the barrier and is taken out by security. Okay..
Apparently musician Marshmallow won the 24/7 Title on YouTube earlier tonight. Wonder if he’ll lose it on Fortnite later…
Match #5: Lumberjack Match
Roman Reigns v Erick Rowan
Daniel Bryan is at commentary for this match. Also, Luke Harper isn’t at ringside for this match so he’ll be involved in the finish for sure.
After a rough match Luke Harper makes his way to ringside. Daniel Bryan puts down the headset. The lumberjacks try to take out Harper. Reigns dives over the ropes to the outside and takes out everyone. Then Rowan takes advantage. Then Roman hits some moves before Harper gets in the ring. Daniel takes him out.
Match End: Roman hits Rowan with a spear and gets the pin to win.
Main Event: WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match
Brock Lesnar v Kofi Kingston(c)
This is the first match on SmackDown for Brock Lesnar since 2001.
Kofi Kingston has been a fantastic WWE Champion this year and if this is his last night as champion it has been one hell of a fun ride as a fan.
Bell rings and Brock hits a F-5!
Match End: 1-2-3 and NEW WWE World Heavyweight Champion…Brock Lesnar!
We’ll frig…
Goldberg and Mark Henry are front row and are as shocked as we are by the quick finish.
Rey Mysterio’s music hits! He walks out with….CAIN VELASQUEZ!!
Lesnar is scared…but then walks back to the ring…then backs down again (classic Lesnar move here). He does it again before raving for good with a look of fear. That’s new.
What an end to an amazing first show on FOX. It’s the start of a new era in WWE.

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