New transfer rules for volleyball players

The new 2009 FIVB Sports Regulations are in force since March 2009. The collection of transfer fees by the National Federations for the issuance of the players’ ITCs is no longer allowed.



These are the only valid rules concerning international transfers of volleyball players.The National Federations are not entitled to modify or to supplement the FIVB rules for international transfers in force. The ITC will be issued by the FIVB in electronic and PDF format upon receipt of administrative fee from the receiving club in the amount of USD 2,000 or USD 1,000, respectively.

FIVB Transfer regulations:

1.6.3      Transfer Regulations
A National Volleyball Federation affiliated to the FIVB willing to incorporate into its national Volleyball competitions system, a player licensed or registered in another affiliated National Federation must strictly follow the established FIVB Transfer Procedure as follows:    A Volleyball Club interested in a player from another country must require the permission of its National Federation (thereinafter the RECEIVING FEDERATION) providing the name, age and address of the player and the Federation under which authority the player is actually registered.    The RECEIVING Federation verifies if the Club requesting the player complies with its own statutes and fits into the conditions established by the FIVB and, if it does not find any impediment, proceeds to request the Federation concerned (thereinafter Federation of ORIGIN) to confirm the availability and freedom of the player concerning obligations towards the Federation and its actual Club and of any other legal impediment.    In case of agreement, the Federation OF ORIGIN must communicate it directly to the Volleyball Club (thereinafter
RECEIVING CLUB) interested in the player and to the FIVB
in order to initiate the process in view of obtaining an FIVB International Transfer Certificate (ITC).    The RECEIVING Club requesting the player negotiates the financial and transfer conditions with the current Club (thereinafter Club of ORIGIN), the PLAYER, and with the Federation of ORIGIN.    Once the FEDERATION and Club of ORIGIN agree with both the RECEIVING Club and Federation, the Federation of ORIGIN completes all the required information in the template for transfer certificates on the FIVB website    Once all the conditions are established and the electronic template for transfer certificates has been completed, the RECEIVING Club pays the FIVB the corresponding transfer fee and after cashing it the FIVB Secretariat assigns and registers the ITC number in the same electronic template.    After verifying all data, the FIVB Secretariat converts the internet template into the definitive Transfer Certificate and sends copy of it, in a PDF document to: 1.-The Receiving Confederation, 2/3 National Federations (of Origin and Receiving), 4/5 both Clubs concerned and 6, the Confederation of Origin. Immediately upon reception of the PDF with the ITC duly completed the player may be registered, by the Receiving Federation and Confederation


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