Ivelisse Says Lucha Underground Won’t Release Her, RUSH Joins ROH

Ivelisse has been part of Lucha Underground since the early days of the show, and she has managed to capture the Lucha Underground Trios Championship twice with Angélico and Son of Havoc. Unfortunately, her relationship with those running the show does not appear to be so great right now. Ivelisse took to social media to call out Lucha Underground for not granting her a release from her contract with the show. Ivelisse has been part of the show since the very first season, and she has continued to compete on television, but she is apparently looking for a way out while the show’s future is in limbo. She posted a full statement with complete details on her situation with those running Lucha Underground right now.
According to Ivelisse, she has been attempting to get released from the show for over a year. She says that she talked into doing the fourth season of the show this past year with the promise that she would be let go after it concluded. Instead, officials working for Lucha Underground have supposedly ignored her requests and are keeping her under contract. The El Rey Network has not confirmed if there will be a fifth season of Lucha Underground or not, thus putting the future of the series on hiatus. In the meantime, several of the wrestlers currently signed to Lucha Underground are required not to sign with any other major promotions as a result of their contracts. Stay tuned for more on this story as it continues to develop.
— Ivelisse????????LaSicaria#Bow2None (@RealIvelisse) January 15, 2019

Ring of Honor has just scored themselves another huge talent signing. The promotion has signed the likes of Bandido, PCO, and Brody King over the past few weeks just to list a couple of names. On Monday, ROH confirmed that another Luchador will be debuting for them shortly. RUSH has signed an exclusive deal which will see him compete for ROH for the foreseeable future. RUSH has received a ton of praise for his work, and there were even rumors that WWE was interested in signing him recently, but he ended up turning the company down. RUSH will instead be coming to Ring of Honor, and judging by the other new signees and established roster members, he will have plenty of talented wrestlers to work with.

BREAKING: International star Rush (@rushtoroblanco) has signed an exclusive contract with #RingOfHonor!
Who would YOU like to see Rush compete against in the #ROH ring??
— ROH Wrestling (@ringofhonor) January 15, 2019

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