Vince McMahon Reportedly Did Not Want to Return to WWE TV

According to @WrestleVotes, Vince McMahon’s return to WWE TV tonight on RAW shows true desperation on the part of the company because he had no intention up until recent events with the fan backlash and ratings of coming back on the program. Here’s the information from @WrestleVotes:

Tonight’s Vince McMahon angle is legitimately intriguing. I’ve heard Vince really didn’t want to come back to TV, so this shows signs of desperation. Is he really going to hit the “reset” button? Not sure, but RAW is in need of a facelift either way.
— WrestleVotes (@WrestleVotes) December 17, 2018

Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio added that Vince was said to be “furious” backstage at WWE TLC last night because of how the match between Seth Rollins and new WWE Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose went down.

Promos have repeatedly harped on Vince coming to “shake things up” on RAW tonight. RAW previews for tonight reference how Baron Corbin lost all General Manager powers with the loss to the injured Braun Strowman at TLC last night. They wrote, “With Mr. McMahon’s return imminent, however, Corbin could have a lot to answer for regardless of his position. How will The Chairman shake up Monday Night Raw, and who will benefit — or suffer — as a result?”

It’s believed that Vince is coming back because of the record-low RAW viewership that the show has drawn over the past few weeks. Last week’s RAW drew just 2.194 million viewers, the lowest in show history. This week’s second and third hour were the lowest ever second and third hours in RAW history.
Vince’s last RAW appearance came on July 23. His last SmackDown appearance came on October 16, the 1000th episode.

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