WWE NXT Results – December 5th, 2018

  For the first time since Survivor Series weekend, NXT is back in Full Sail University to cover the fallout from the NXT Takeover: WarGames show. WWE is already in the process of building towards their next Takeover show in January, and some new stars are still in the process of being elevated on the show as well. In the case of tonight’s episode of NXT, two potential huge superstars went at it as Matt Riddle took on a former ROH Television Champion his first ever match in Full Sail.
Matt Riddle vs. Punishment Martinez – 
  Martinez makes his official in-ring televised debut for WWE in this match against rising star Matt Riddle. The announcers mentioned that he has had to fight throughout his entire life and now he is ready to fight in NXT. 

  They start with a lockup, but Riddle quickly takes control. Riddle puts on a sleeper hold and Martinez gets out by slamming him down. Riddle quickly gets it back on, but Martinez escapes. After some back and fourth, Martinez hit a cyclone kick to get a two count on “The King of Bros.”
  Back on their feet, Martinez hit a clothesline. The two of them exchanged some shots until Riddle hit a kick to take him down. Riddle used his MMA experience to keep his much larger opponent down. With Punishment down with nowhere to go, Matt locked in the Bromission to earn a submission victory.
Winner: Matt Riddle
  As Riddle made his way out of the arena, Kassius Ohno made his way onto the stage and hit Matt with a punch. Riddle defeated Ohno in an impromptu match in seconds during NXT Takeover: WarGames. Looks like this feud isn’t over yet.

  A video package highlighting Ricochet’s time in NXT this year was shown. His debut, Takeover matches, and breakout performance in the WarGames match were highlighted. Afterwards, interviewers call Ricochet the “highlight reel” of NXT. Ricochet says that he is honored but want to do more than that. Next week, Ricochet will put the North American Championship on the line in an open challenge.
  Otis Dozovic and Tucker Knight are shown training at the WWE Performance Center. They said that they weren’t ready when they faced AOP for the NXT Tag Team Championships last year, but they’ve been working hard, and they now feel like they are ready to finally win the titles.
  NXT General Manger William Regal tweeted out earlier this week that there will be a Fatal 4-Way match on NXT soon with the winner earning a shot at the NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler at the next Takeover show. Bianca Belair qualified for the match by defeating Deonna Purrazzo at a recent NXT live event. The other three participants will be revealed later

Humberto Carrillo & Raul Mendoza vs. The Forgotten Sons –
  Steve Cutler and Wesley Blake took part in this match while Jaxson Ryker observed from outside of the ring. Carrillo took down Cutler early and got a chance to show off what he is made of early on. Blake came in after that and hit some chops until Carrillo was able to dodge his offense. Mendoza entered the ring next but Blake took him down. He and Cutler gained control after hitting some double team maneuvers.
  Blake locks in a chinlock on Rail in the middle of the ring and gets taken down by Mendoza with a back suplex. Carrillo flies around the ring and connects with a missed drop kick from the top of the ring post, followed by a standing backflip. Mendoza goes for a dive, Cutler sends him crashing down outside. Humberto tried to keep up the good fight, but the Luchador was unsuccessful. Blake DDT’d Humberto upon reentering the ring. Blake held him up as a Cutler hit a top rope knee drop to get the win.
Winners: The Forgotten Sons
  Cathy Kelley asks The Velveteen Dream followed by Takeover. After getting the proper lighting and music to fill the room, Dream notes that just about everybody has been talking about him since his match with Ciampa. The future is uncertain but it will be big and bright for the Dream.
  The Undisputed Era appear backstage for a promo. Bobby Fish warns EC3 that he is messing with sharks. He destroyed EC3 before, and they have no problem doing it all over again. They say that they’ve defeated all of the NXT tag teams. As for Heavy Machinery, The Undisputed Era are not too worried and believe that they are not on their level. Adam Cole warns Heavy Machinery and everybody watching that this is still their era.
Dakota Kai vs. Shayna Baszler –
  This match was brought on after Kai and Io Shiraz tried to help even the odds in Baszler’s match against Kairi Sane at NXT Takeover: WarGames. These two have had quite the rivalry in NXT. In fact, Shayna defeated Kai in her first match in NXT by breaking her arm. Baszler was accompanied by Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir in this match.
  Kai started this match off strong and charged right after Baszler. It did not take too long for for Shayna to take control of the match. Baszler even tried to stomp on Kai’s arm once again, but Dakota was able to move out of the way just in time. Later on, however, Shayna did stomp on the arm, which nearly took Kai out of the match.
  The referee almost stopped the match, but Dakota insisted that the fight continue. Kai went wild with some kicks. She was met with a boot from the current champion. Nevertheless, Kai wouldn’t give up and she hit a splash from the top of one of the ring posts in the corner. Eventually, Shayna regained her dominance and placed Kai on the ring post. Kai pushes her off, and although Shayna tried to stop her from hitting another splash, Dakota was able to superplex Shayna back down.
  More kicks from Dakota Kai, and it looked like she may end up getting the underdog win, but she flew a bit too close to the sun on this night. Shayna caught her with a rear naked choke and locked it in until Kai had nowhere else to run and finally passed out.
Winner: Shayna Baszler
  Of course, they weren’t done there. Baszler, Duke, and Shafir began to beat down Kai together until Io Shiraz made the save. Shirai sent Duke and Shafir running to the stage. Baszler tried to sneak attack the Mae Young Classic 2018 finalist, but Shirai and Kai worked together to scare off the Horsewomen.
 A vignette for Dominik Dijakovic (or possibly just Dijakovic) aired next. He’ll debut on a future episode of NXT.
 Bobby Fish vs. EC3 was announced for next week’s episode of NXT.
  NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa walked down to the ring next for a promo. Ciampa bragged about his successful title defense against The Velveteen Dream at NXT Takeover: WarGames. He said that the people still refuse to accept him as the champion despite his wins over The Velveteen Dream, Johnny Gargano, and Aleister Black,. Ciampa even called out announcer Mauro Ranallo for his remarks about him. He calls himself the MVP and best “sports entertainer” of 2018, and he vowed to continue his success in 2019.
  Former NXT Champion Aleister Black strolled down to the ring and said that he absolved Johnny Gargano of his sins at Takeover. He blamed Tommaso for Johnny’s sins and then said that he would absolve Ciampa of his own sins next. Black wants to invoke his rematch for the NXT title at NXT Takeover: Phoenix. Suddenly, Gargano came out and said that he and Black aren’t finished yet. Ciampa crawled out to the ring apron and commented that he loves the new Johnny Gargano.
  Ciampa called Gargano “Johnny Badass,” which prompted chants from the Full Sail crowd. He tried to stir the pot between Black and Gargano. He said that he watched their brutal match at Takeover and that all that the two of them needed was the WarGames structure. Ciampa floats out the idea of a match between Black and Gargano in a steel cage. Gargano’s fine with the idea, and Black says he’ll fight Johnny anywhere, including the Full Sail parking lot. Johnny asks Black how that worked out for him last time. This is obviously referring to Gargano attacking and injuring Aleister in the parking lot weeks ago.
  Aleister has heard enough at this point, and he tries to hit Gargano with a Black Mass kick. Johnny scurried away and just narrowly missed the kick. However, as Ciampa laughed at the mess he created on the apron, he stopped paying attention. Black booted Ciampa down to the floor and stared at Gargano as the show came to a close.
  Gargano vs. Black in a steel cage? Sounds like a fantastic match that would normally be seen on a Takeover show. It wasn’t specified whether or not this match will be part of next week’s show, but Bobby Fish and EC3 will be having their grudge match next week. Also, more women will hopefully qualify for the Fatal 4-way match in the near future as well. The top title for NXT Takeover: Phoenix appears to be set now, so be on the lookout for the other matches on the card to be officially announced very soon. I’ll see you NXT time!

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