IMPACT Wrestling Results (09/13): Austin Aries vs. Fallah Bahh

On last week’s show, Rich Swann took on “The Canadian Destroyer” Petey Williams, New Impact Wrestling Knockouts Champion Tessa Blanchard defended her Impact Wrestling Knockouts Title against Former Impact Wrestling Knockouts Champion Su Yung in a rematch and Zachary Wentz, Trey Miguel & Ace Austin faced oVe (Sami Callihan, Jake Crist & Dave Crist) in the main event.
On this week’s show, The Lucha Brothers (Pentagon Jr. & Rey Fenix) took on The Cult Of Lee (Trevor Lee & Caleb Konley), Impact X-Division Champion “The Machine” Brian Cage faced Kongo Kong in a Non-Title Match and Impact World Champion Austin Aries defended his Impact World Title against Fallah Bahh in the main event. Let’s get right into the action on this week’s show.
Impact World Champion Austin Aries, Moose and Killer Kross come out to the ring to start the show. Aries starts by saying that they run the show and they took out Johnny Impact and will take out anyone who steps up to them. Moose then says that we aren’t going to see Eddie Edwards either. Moose then quips that he is going to go to Edwards’ wife and bring her some champagne. Fallah Bahh and KM come out to the ring and Aries offers Bahh a banana. KM then says that they got a little motivation from a lady in the back. KM then says that he is out here to speak his mind. KM then says that Aries is a liar and a terrible world champion and that Moose is a terrible friend and a back stabber. KM then calls Moose “Deuce”. Aries then says that he owes them both an apology. Aries then says that he wants to give them a peace offering. Aries then offers Bahh a title match which Bahh agrees to before leaving as we go to commercial.

.@FALLAH1 and @ImpactKM are here! #IMPACTonPop
— IMPACT (@IMPACTWRESTLING) September 14, 2018

Lucha Bros (Pentagon Jr. & Rey Fenix) vs. The Cult Of Lee (Trevor Lee & Caleb Konley): Pentagon and Fenix double team Caleb to start the match before they clear the ring as we go to commercial. Fenix and Lee counter each other as we come back from commercial until Caleb and Lee drop Fenix across the top rope throat first. Caleb gets a quick one count off of a lackadaisical pin attempt before putting him in a cobra clutch. Fenix gets to the bottom rope fairly quickly. Lee gets the tag and he and Caleb double team Fenix more until Fenix hits a double hand spring cutter. Pentagon gets the tag and he and Fenix hit a series of rapid paced double team moves on Caleb for a near fall. Pentagon drops Caleb with an open handed chop before Lee stops the Lucha Bros from hitting their finisher. Caleb and Lee then hit an electric chair into double foot stomp for a near fall, before Fenix hits a springboard cross body to the outside and a springboard foot stomp into Pentagon hitting a package piledriver for the pin and the win. Winners: Lucha Bros (Pentagon Jr. & Rey Fenix)

Doomsday double stomp by @TLee910 and @calebkonley! #IMPACTonPop
— IMPACT (@IMPACTWRESTLING) September 14, 2018

After the match, oVe appears on the big screen and challenges The Lucha Bros and Brian Cage to a match at Bound For Glory.

We head backstage where KM tries to give Bahh a pep talk, but Bahh doesn’t look happy. KM then says that they need advice from former champions.
We head back backstage where Bahh and KM find Eli Drake. KM asks Drake for help. Drake then says that he is only focused on next week.
We then get a GWN Match of The Von Erich’s debuting against The BroMans.

We head backstage where Kiera Hogan and Allie say that they helped Tessa Blanchard because it was the right thing to do.
We head to another area backstage where Tessa Blanchard says that she doesn’t need anyone’s help and she sees through Allie.
Alisha Edwards vs Katarina: Before the match starts, Grado and Joe Hendry walk out on the stage. Grado can’t get his words out. Hendry tells Katarina to look at Grado to see what she has done to him. Hendry then says that he didn’t have a proper time to respond to Katarina the way he should have. Hendry plays a video where he sings to Katarina that her access is denied. Edwards rolls up Katarina from behind and gets the win. Winner: Alisha Edwards
After the match, Grado sings access is denied with the fans.
We head backstage where Scarlett Bordeaux congratulates Bahh for getting a title shot.
We get an interview via face time with Johnny Impact where he talks about being attacked by Austin Aries, Moose & Killer Kross last week and what condition he will be in for his World Championship Match at Bound for Glory.
LAX (Santana & Ortiz) vs The Fraternity (Decker & Gibson): Ortiz starts the match with Decker before the frat brothers double team him until Santana comes in and gets double teamed as well. Decker gets a quick two count off of a slingshot splash from the apron before he goes for a tope to the outside and takes out Ortiz. Ortiz then hits a uranage on the ramp before LAX hit the Street Sweeper for the pin and the win. Winners: LAX (Santana & Ortiz)
After the match, The OGz come out to the ring. King makes fun of Konnan for listening to those three old men. King tries to goad LAX into a fight. King then says that the only thing he regrets is that the kid they hit with the car is still breathing. Santana and Ortiz hold Konnan back.

You know what? What they say is true. There really is too much flipping and flopping in pro wrestling these days. #IMPACTonPop @Ortiz5150
— IMPACT (@IMPACTWRESTLING) September 14, 2018

We head backstage where Impact World Champion Austin Aries says that Eddie Edwards and Johnny Impact are gone and after tonight Fallah Bahh will be gone as well. Aries also says that at Bound For Glory there might not even be a main event or there might not even be a Bound For Glory at all because no one is left.
We head to another area backstage where KM tells Bahh to believe in himself. Rich Swann then comes in and tells Bahh that he is going to win the title tonight. Swann then tries to leave but Matt Sydal cuts him off. Swann then challenges Sydal to a match for next week’s show.
We then get an ad for Bound For Glory and The 2018 Impact Wrestling Hall Of Fame.
Impact X-Division Champion “The Machine” Brian Cage vs. Kongo Kong (Non-Title Match): Brian rushes Kong, but he doesn’t seem to phase him before Kong hits an ushigoroshi and Brian catches him on the top turnbuckle. Kong pushes Brian away, but misses the splash before Brian hits a powerslam and a moonsault for a quick two count. They counter each other until Brian hits a drop toe hold into the ropes and Kong drops him with a lariat when he goes for a 619. Kong hits a cannonball in the corner for a quick two count before Brian hits a sit-out powerbomb for a near fall. Brian then rocks Kong with a bicycle knee before hitting an F5 for the pin and the win. Winner: Impact X-Division Champion “The Machine” Brian Cage
After the match, Cage accepts oVe’s challenge for Bound For Glory.

— IMPACT (@IMPACTWRESTLING) September 14, 2018

We head backstage where most of The Impact Roster cheers Bahh on his way to the ring.
Austin Aries (c) vs Fallah Bahh (IMPACT World Championship Match): They start the match off with a test of strength before Austin puts Bahh in a side headlock and toys with him. Bahh puts Austin in a side headlock before Austin repeatedly drops down and Bahh gets exhausted running the ropes as Austin reclines as we go to commercial. We come back from commercial to Austin mocking Bahh and slapping him before Bahh chops him repeatedly in the corner. Austin rakes the eyes of Bahh when he goes for a Samoan drop before hitting a chop block and kicking Bahh on the mat repeatedly. They exchange chops before Bahh misses a sit down splash and Austin hits a PK, but Bahh counters a brainbuster into a suplex. Bahh hits a Samoan Drop for a near fall before Austin catches him on the second turnbuckle and Bahh hits a belly to belly suplex for another near fall. Bahh rolls over Austin before Austin immediately locks in the Last Chancery. Bahh gets his foot on the bottom rope right before tapping. Bahh then catches Austin coming in before hitting a running cross body for a very close near fall before Austin catches him climbing the ropes and hits a sunset powerbomb into the Last Chancery for the tap and the win. Winner & Still The IMPACT World Champion: Austin Aries
After the match, Austin Aries, Moose and Kross take out KM with a chair by putting it around his neck and sending him into the ring post as we go off the air.

BUT NO @AustinAries barely kicks out of @FALLAH1‘s crossbody. #IMPACTonPop
— IMPACT (@IMPACTWRESTLING) September 14, 2018

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