Arquette Returns to the Ring, New Ring of Honor Dojo Opening Soon

Few moments in professional wrestling are as infamously remembered as David Arquette’s stint in WCW. Arquette has been a huge fan of pro wrestling for years, but fans will always remember when he appeared on Thunder in 2000 and teamed up with Diamond Dallas Page to defeat Eric Bischoff and Jeff Jarrett, winning the WCW World Heavyweight Championship for himself in the process. It was a controversial decision at the time to have Arquette win the title, but despite that, the actor still remains a fan of wrestling right now. Although Arquette has not competed in a match in several years at this point, it looks like the former world champion may be planning an in-ring comeback.
David Arquette stepped back into the ring for the first time in years over the weekend. Pro Wrestling Sheet reports that Arquette appeared at RC’s Wrestling School in Woodford, Virginia this past Sunday. Trainer Chris Sharpe noted that Arquette trained in the ring for hours as he was apparently attempting to re-learn some basic wrestling maneuvers. There is currently no word on why the actors decided to resume wrestling training so suddenly, but the report did also note that cameras filmed Arquette’s training for what appears to be an upcoming documentary of some sort. Be sure to stick around for more updates on David Arquette’s potential return to the wrestling ring.

Massive props to @DavidArquette who jumped right in & wrestled with the class all morning. He could have easily just come to hit a few moves, take some pictures & then leave. He didn’t. He stuck it out & busted his butt for several hours. He has earned our respect!
— Ref Chris Sharpe (@RefChrisSharpe) May 20, 2018

Ring of Honor is always able to spot some of the best wrestlers in the entire world, and the promotion certainly has an abundance of talented wrestlers on their roster at the moment. Aspiring wrestlers will soon be given the chance to show what they are made of since the promotion just announced that a new dojo will be opening in Baltimore, Maryland on June 23rd-24th. Delirious, BJ Whitmer, Jonathan Gresham, Will Ferrara, and Joey Mercury will all be serving as trainers It was also confirmed that Jay Lethal, Bully Ray, and Ian Riccaboni will be appearing as guest trainers as well. Get ready for the brand new ROH Dojo to officially open its doors very soon.

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