Norris ‘looking after’ his mechanics amid grueling schedule

The brutal strain imposed on team personnel this year amid F1’s grueling schedule isn’t lost on McLaren’s Lando Norris who is doing his part to look after his crew of mechanics.

After undergoing a frantic three-week rush in Austria and Hungary, the F1 community will enjoy a short respite before embarking on another triple-header stint, starting at Silverstone next week.

The succession of long working hours coupled with the difficulties of working under COVID-19 restrictions will inevitably test the grit and endurance of team members over the course of the season.

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As a driver, Russell admits that he isn’t subjected to the same level of stress or fatigue that is currently withstood by the hard working boys in the garage.

“For the drivers it’s not too bad, you know,” he said, quoted by

“In some ways we do the least amount of work in terms of being at the track as in driving the actual race car, compared to the time mechanics spend working on the car and building it and management, or the engineers spend at the racetrack.


“So honestly, for us, and for me, anyway, I feel like I’m fit enough that I can go out and do the race and I’m not completely dead after it and feeling like it’s going to take ages to recover.”

Earlier this week, a picture of Norris helping his mechanics strip down his car after Sunday’s Hungarian Grand Prix went viral on social media.

It wasn’t the first time Norris had stayed on to lend his crew members a helping hand. But in light of this year’s complicated working conditions for teams, the 20-year-old feels even more compelled to support his mechanics’ efforts.

“Honestly, it is tougher for the engineers and the mechanics because they’re the guys and girls who spend the most time at the track working and travelling,” added Norris.

“It’s more of a kind of trying to look after them and keep them in good condition: especially the mechanics who are doing the pit stops and so on. They also have a big impact on performance.

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“They also are the guys who can bring us overtakes and if you have good pitstops it can gain us positions and things like that.

“So, it’s trying to keep everyone in the best shape possible. For me, I’m fine, but it’s more of a question for them and I’m trying to look after them and keep them in the best condition.”

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