Backstage News on Ronda Rousey’s Rumble Appearance & WWE Contract

According to the Wrestling Observer Radio, WWE and Ronda Rousey went to great lengths to keep her Royal Rumble appearance a secret. Ronda Rousey was said to have left for Columbia a few days ago to finish filming on the Mile 22 movie but flew a chartered jet back to Philadelphia for the Rumble. Rousey also tried to stay hidden and didn’t fly with the usual people she flies with. Rousey’s husband Travis Browne reportedly went back to California to be with his sons from a previous marriage as there was some concern that people would figure out the surprise appearance if Browne was seen near Philadelphia. The deal with Rousey was said to be put together a long time ago and Rousey has been training in the ring since last summer. There is talk that Rousey wants to do WWE for a few years and then have kids with Browne.
It was previously announced by WWE that Rousey has signed a full-time deal but there is no word yet on if that means she will be working live events and TV events or if she will have a schedule similar to the deal that WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar has. Rousey is said to be well-liked and respected by the WWE locker room and has trained with talents such as Becky Lynch, Natalya and SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair.
Source: Wrestling Observer Radio

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