‘In Your House 4’ Remembered – The First Canadian Event

The mid-1990s were a bad time to be involved with the WWE, with declining viewing figures, and the continual deflection of the brand’s best stars to the WCW, in a worrying trend that culminated with the infamous ‘Montreal Screwjob’. It was during this time that ‘In Your House’, an edgy PPV event that often served as the final settling ground for the most high-profile feuds of the day. 
Humble and poorly attended in relation to bigger pay-per-view (PPV) events, it was a far cry from the present day, where the WWE stands tall alongside Boxing and UFC online sport betting sites  – which also offers free casino bets and 100% matched casino deposits alongside its sportsbook. Fuelled by the unrivalled hype that WWE pay-per-view events so effortlessly generate today, thousands of people now flock to place bets on the great events in existence. 

Exactly a year later, Owen Hart and Yokozuna broke their partnership and feuded. 

Such is the longevity that the WWE eventually found, even some of the stars from previous generations are novelty picks for the upcoming Royal Rumble. Amongst them is Kevin Nash, priced at +20000 to win the event on January 28, representing a risk-free opportunity to use a free sportsbook bet via online casinos. Standing at over seven feet tall, Nash went by the name of ‘Diesel’ during his flagship WWE stint of the mid-1990s, and he was one of the brand’s most marketable stars by the time In Your House 4 rolled around on October 22, 1995. 
Aiming to reach a wider audience, and build on the success of Wrestlemania VI – which was held in Winnipeg back in April 1990 – the existing powers at board level decided to give Canada another shot at hosting a PPV event. On the night itself, with the local audience in mind, true Canadian and consummate survivor Bret Hart beat Isaac Yankem in the penultimate match. Then, in the final match of the night, Bret’s brother, Owen Hart, partnered Yokozuna in taking down Bam Bam Bigelow and Savio Vega. Neither match was, however, televised. 
The final bout to be aired was, in fact, the seventh on the bill, between the British Bulldog and Diesel. Two months previously, the British Bulldog had been Diesel’s partner in a Raw main event against King Mabel and Sir Mo. In a well-scripted heel-turn, he turned on Diesel, who was then at the mercy of his opponents. At In Your House 4, Diesel was a thorough favorite to defeat his former ally, who was himself WWE’s newest public enemy number one after betraying Diesel. It was a vicious encounter, but as expected, Diesel gained the upper hand and looked set to retain his title. 

It had a dramatic backstory, but for some people, the main event of In Your House 4 was the worst ever. 

The man believed to be his next challenger was none other than Bret Hart, acting as a guest commentator for the night’s main event. In a move that shocked the world, Hart clearly decided that he was not a match for the gigantic Diesel, and attacked Bulldog to force a disqualification against the champion. Hart was a kingmaker in his own country, and it was an event that reasserted Hart’s status as one of the most dynamic and unpredictable men on the roster. 
Although the real resurgence of the WWE would be forced to wait another three years to manifest, this was a welcome return to the shock value the franchise originally championed, after a poorly-received but pivotal 1995 Royal Rumble. 

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