Jimmy Uso is WWE’s ‘Iron Man’, Laurel Van Ness, NJPW Video Game

The Usos have captured the Smackdown Tag Team Championships numerous times this year, but one of the brothers has now earned himself another impressive accomplishment. It was recently discovered by Chris Harrington that Smackdown’s Jimmy Uso is now the unofficial ‘Iron Man’ of WWE. This means that Jimmy has been working on the WWE roster without taking time off from injury or for any other matters longer than anybody else on the entire WWE roster. Uso has taken the spot from the previous record holder, Dean Ambrose, who recently suffered an arm injury that is set to keep him out of action for the next several months.

The person who becomes the new WWE iron man? Jimmy Uso. He’s been doing WWE shows since 6/4/10 and is at 982 matches currently. If you include FCW, it’s even longer. He’s had gaps of 15-24 days, but never more than 34 days (2016). #wrestlenomics
— Chris Harrington (@mookieghana) December 26, 2017

It was recently reported that Impact Wrestling’s Laurel Van Ness asked for her release from Impact Wrestling during the last set of Impact Wrestling television tapings. Van Ness has since gone on to capture the Knockouts Championship, so some have wondered if this means that she will be staying with the company now. In a new interview that Van Ness did recently with the Orlando Sentinel, she revealed that her contract with Impact expires in June of 2018. This could confirm that Impact will not be granting her release and that she will be working for the remainder of her contract. It has been rumored that Van Ness will be leaving Impact to join WWE as soon as possible.

New Japan Pro Wrestling is currently on the rise as the company has been attempting to expand into the United States over the past year. AXS TV’s Mark Cuban is completely behind the Japanese wrestling promotion and NJPW’s attempts to grow aren’t stopping anytime soon. With their huge Wrestle Kingdom show on the horizon, the company announced plans for their Fan Fiesta on January 3rd. Interestingly enough, one of the festivities being advertised for the event is a “NJPW video game announcement.” Very little details are shared beyond that, but more news on a possible New Japan Pro Wrestling video game should be coming out right before the Wrestle Kingdom show.

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