Austin Aries joins Defiant Wrestling

In the lead up to their first event under the Defiant Wrestling name, General Manager Stu Bennett (The former Wade Barrett in the WWE) had said that during the show he would unveil Defiant’s newest star. With the preshow to the event being streamed live on Youtube, the new superstars was revealed to be Austin Aries.
During the preshow, Bennett brought out “the Villian” Marty Scurll to the ring to present him with the new Defiant Wrestling title belt when Aries made his appearance. The self-proclaimed “Greatest man who ever lived” said that he was given a “business proposal he couldn’t pass up.” and nearly got into it with “The Villian”. Bennett then took a 6-month contract from the same bag he had the new belt in and gave it to Aries.
Defiant Wrestling is the new name for what was WhatCulture Pro Wrestling an English based wrestling company that was attached and created by the Whatculture commentary website. The wrestling company split from the commentary website in a rebranding first announced back in October.

The entire pre-show can be seen here:

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