Update on WWE UK Show, Matt Morgan Runs for Office, Bucks/Styles

WWE’s United Kingdom talent recently appeared on NXT. Despite putting on some quality matches as of late, WWE has not used the UK talent very much as of late due to their planned weekly series over in the UK being halted over budget cuts. Dave Meltzer has now noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that WWE is still planning to do the show despite the recent cutbacks. The plan is apparently to have the show up and running by the end of 2017. WWE knows that the wrestling scene in the UK is booming right now, and they very much intend on capitalizing on that for themselves, so their attempts to create their own show there are not over yet by any means.
The Young Bucks are one of the most polarizing tag teams on the planet right now, but they have been very successful nonetheless. Matt and Nick Jackson have competed nearly everywhere, but they have never been signed by WWE. PWInsider recently spoke with WWE Superstar, and close friend of the Bucks, AJ Styles, about when they could possibly come into the company. At the media event for the WWE 2K18 video game over SummerSlam weekend, Styles predicted that the brothers will arrive in WWE sometime within the next five years. Styles said, “for guys who know to do what they do and they’ve got it done before they even get here….so, I would say….oh, that’s a tough question, man….I give them five years, at the most.  Within five years.  Yeah.  That’s my timeline.”
It wasn’t too long ago when Matt Morgan confirmed that he would be leaving Global Force Wrestling. Now Morgan has decided to find a completely different career path for himself. PWInsider was sent a press release informing them that Morgan is going to be running Longwood City Commissioner, District 4 in Florida. Morgan is currently a spokesperson for Children and Adults with Attention Deficit/Hyperactive Disorder, and the Drug Abuse Resistance Program. Morgan said the following: “I want to do everything possible to make this city a place my three-year-old autistic son can take pride in. I hope that one day he decides to raise his family here as well. I decided it’s time to start doing. It’s time to be the voice for the voiceless here in the city of Longwood.” He also said that “as a candidate for Longwood City Commissioner, I am committed to build upon Longwood’s rich history.”

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