Editorial: LaVar Ball- Big Baller Bust

Last Monday, WWE held its weekly edition of Monday Night RAW in Los Angeles, California at the Staples Center. This night however featured an infamous segment with an infamous “celebrity” which this can either be the worst RAW segment of 2017 or Most Disgusting Promotional Tactic of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. 
This segment was another “must see episode” of MizTV with Mike “The Miz” Mizanin and his wife, former WWE Divas Champion Maryse featuring social media entrepreneur & basketball dad, LaVar Ball & his sons including recent #2 NBA Los Angeles Lakers signee Lonzo Ball. 
Let’s back it up and start with a little history here. 

Aside from Lonzo Ball being a standout NCAA College Basketball player for the UCLA Bruins, father LaVar Ball started making his infamous marks (mostly on social media) saying that his son was a better player than two time NBA Champion Steph Curry, boasted that he can beat NBA All-Time Great Michael Jordan one-on-one & creating a brand most notably selling $500 basketball sneakers of the namesake of his oldest that doesn’t physically exist until November 2017. Many individuals in the sports world have criticized Ball for the overpriced shoes as well as severely overhyping & exaggerating his son’s skills as well. He then also tried to broker a $1-3 billion dollar deal with Under Armour, Nike & Adidas as far as sponsoring his son before creating the infamous brand itself. Another example of a parent viciously trying to live vicariously through their children. 
Flash forward to a week before the segment, I even jokingly tweeted WWE Wrestler Titus O’Neal, who retweeted, about facing off against the Big Baller Brand CEO/Father in a “brand match” as you see in the tweets below:

When the announcement came in that LaVar Ball was scheduled to appear on RAW, along with my peers, I knew that I felt either groans or “who is that?” from the Internet Wrestling Community. That was when I really started to fear. 
When the segment aired, I was expecting Ball to upstage The Miz like the booked celebrity would always do against heel wrestlers like always. But this did NOT happen however. 
The segment was so violently atrocious that the bombed Alexa Bliss segment of “This Is Your Life: Bayley” seemed like a lukewarm idea at the most. 

This segment had a 6’6″ 48 year old man running to the ring like a lizard on water, shamelessly tripping upon entering the ring, overspeaking over Miz & Dean Ambrose before their lines were delivered, extremely flat comeback jokes, his 15 year old son carelessly spouting N bombs on live television & LaVar taking his shirt off and running around the ring as if he was on a cocaine binge. Clearly this was something not for the kids to see. 
As a viewer, this horrendous segment was appalling but as a Black man, it was further detrimental and tasteless for myself and for the Black families to bear in terms of proper morale. I even wonder what the NBA thinks even though Lonzo Ball has yet to play a regulation game let alone the NCAA as far as the other two sons’ already tarnished image currently. 
My final thought? Even though the media outlets are already buzzing about this mockery of the Sports Entertainment empire, I really hope that father LaVar Ball will one day be shot off his proverbial high horse and just let his son(s) play basketball without controversy. And that the Big Baller Brand label with be nothing more than an afterthought… 
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