Silverstone Speed Trap: who is the fastest of them all?

As a proper power circuit, Silverstone highlights the engineering prowess – or lack of – of the F1 manufacturers’ engine gurus.

Last season, Ferrari was at the forefront of the horse-power battle during the summer, and by a comfortable margin.

Since however, the Cavallino Rampante’s power has been reined in by the FIA’s well-chronicled scrutiny and the controversial “secret agreement” between F1’s governing body and the House of Maranello.

    Hamilton: ‘Qualifying like juggling balls on a moving plate!’

The Mercedes freight train topped yesterday’s speed trap readings in qualifying with a velocity of 319.8 km/h, but Ferrari’s fastest contender, Charles Leclerc, was only a couple of km/h behind.

As usual, performance is a blend of engine, chassis, aerodynamics and track conditions. And Silverstone’s open terrain and windy environment likely weighed on the numbers, for everyone.

Hamilton’s top speed registered on Saturday was 17 km/h down on last year’s best speed trap reading which stood at 337 km/h.

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Given Mercedes’ acknowledged engine improvements this year, the difference is likely rooted in aero and conditions.

But come what may, year in and year out, it’s still a Merc!


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