WWE Signs possible Women’s Tournament Referee

The latest name of women possibly involved in the upcoming Women’s Tournament for the WWE Network is Kennadi Brink, a Florida independent wrestler and referee. Brink has worked for companies like Shimmer, Shine, and Ring of Honor in the past. She won the 2014 Reid Flair Scholarship that was presented to her during that year’s Mid-Atlantic Fanfest Brink was first trained at Gillberg’s Professional Wrestling Academy in the summer of 2010 and has worked as both a Referee and wrestler since then. She recently worked for NXT as a referee when they did shows in the Jacksonville Florida area. 
Brink is the latest named being attached to the upcoming Women’s tournament. Within the last week, Japanese stars Io Shirai and Kairi Hojo of the Stardom company have reported signed with the company as well. The Women’s tournament is expected to be much like last summer’s Cruiserweight Classic tournament with 32 stars competing in a single elimination style tournament. It is not expected at this point to lead to a women’s only show, however, as the talent would be spread over the different brands as well as NXT. Like the Cruiserweight Classic, the action will air on The WWE network as a miniseries and a probable live finale to crown a winner.


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