Paul Heyman Remembers ECW’s “Barely Legal” on 20th Anniversary

WWE performer and founder of Extreme Championship Wrestling, Paul Heyman, recently appeared as a guest on Busted Open Radio and spoke about the 20th anniversary of ECW’s first-ever pay-per-view, “Barely Legal.”
During the interview, “The Advocate” for reigning WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar spoke about his feeling that he has “lived many lives” in the 20 years since his debut pay-per-view efforts back in 1997.
“20 years ago is a long time and I feel like I’ve lived many lives,” said Heyman during his appearance on Busted Open Radio. “In that way I’m a very blessed man. Just to pull that off and to be part of it, and at 31-years-old, it’s the old thing where they say ‘they won’t be able to take that away from you.’”

Heyman continued, “I don’t look back often, but I’m very humbled.”
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