Wrestling Themed Slot Machines

Here at All Wrestling, our website name reveals all. For this article, we thought we would take a trip down to the gaming industry and look at some of the wrestling-themed games that have played a role in the enhancement of sports entertainment over the years. There are actually a tonne of wrestling themed games on the market with some old, some new and some still to come! However, we thought we would look at games that are a little more outside the box and bit less known. 

We love all things wrestling and the sport has left an imprint on many areas of modern culture. Take slot machines for example. Many people won’t have made the connection between slot machines and professional wrestling but there are actually a lot of professional wrestling slot machines available to play with more games in new sites being released every month on new casino sites! You will find slot machines with virtually every theme known to man and this includes professional wrestling. Online casinos replicate the real thing pretty effectively but exactly what type of wrestling slots can you enjoy? 

There are three main games that stood out to us and they can be accessed on many different online casinos. The slot industry has seen a younger audience in recent years and this could be a contributing factor in the development of some of these themed-games. The first game that we encountered was the Andre the Giant slot machine. Andre will need no introduction to readers on this site and the 7’4” giant weighed a total of 520 pounds in his prime. He is such a legendary character that slot machine has been dedicated in his honor complete with the exclusive Andre Goes Wild feature.

This leads us to another legendary wrestler and it’s the man himself Hulk Hogan. While Hogan’s stock has dropped off in recent years, there is little doubt that millions of fans still hold him close in their hearts so why not try out the Hulkamania online slot? You can probably guess that it’s full of red and yellow and there are plenty of metal guitars to interact with. There are plenty of bonus features to enjoy also and it really is a fantastic game overall so check it out. However, these is one more and it is arguably the best of the lot!
The WWE Legends slot game is definitely worth consideration and players can enjoy spinning the reels on this sports entertainment extravaganza. This slot is not for the faint of heart and is a great choice for WWE fans that want to win real cash. It can be played on either desktop or mobile and there is a number of bonus features to enjoy also. 

The game involves spinning the reels and watching the various WWE Superstars tough it out in front of the WWE Universe. We had great fun playing it and you will find it on a number of online casinos. Good luck and happy spinning! 


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