Why Reigns Was In The Rumble, Update on Seating Controversy

Reason Why Roman Reigns Was In The Royal Rumble
Dave Meltzer of is reporting that there were two reasons as to why the WWE decided to have Roman Reigns enter the Royal Rumble match. The first was to lay the foundations of the feud with The Undertaker for their scheduled match at Wrestlemania. The other reason was that, although Reigns is a babyface and Orton a heel, the feeling was that Orton would get the biggest pop of the night by eliminating Reigns, possibly with the idea of turning him face between now and Wrestlemania.
Update on the Controversy Surrounding the Rumble Seating

Reddit user evanweb546 recently provided an update in regards to the seating issues that many fans at the Alamodome for the Royal Rumble complained about:
“WWE came through for myself and /u/tehdudeabides (and I assume everyone else that contacted them via email or phone call) we’re getting our commemorative chairs sent to our homes, a handful of three month Network vouchers, AND (holy shit) the next event in my area that looks appealing we can get comped seats! They and the Dome made a mess of things, but damn have they made up for it! Absolute stand up folks at our favorite wrestling conglomerate, y’all. Legit.”
“GIANT thank you to Kosha from WWE who was out of this world kind to my buddy and I.”

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