Jack Gallagher Interview, Christian on Younger Talent

Jack Gallagher Exclusive Interview with The Sun
In a recent interview with The Sun, the newly signed 205 Live Superstar Jack Gallagher revealed who he would most like to face if he were to be called up to the main roster.
“If I was to take on someone from the main roster of raw or SmackDown! I would want a legitimate heavyweight, the diametric opposite to me. I want Cesaro, Sheamus. Give me Braun Strowman.”

The Manchester born Superstar also discussed how he is adjusting to life in the WWE.
“I’ve settled in well and am attending the performance centre and working with great coaches. It feels like I’m living in a strange American sit-com surrounded by the wackiest of characters imaginable.” 
“My chance came at just the right time – it seemed like it would be the last hurrah of my career – and instead it has been my break-out moment and I’m now dubbed the 10-year overnight success”
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Christian on Younger Talent Promo Work
Christian recently appeared on the LAW Radio Show and revealed an interesting titbit about the WWE needing to allow the younger talent to ad-lib more during promos.

“When I started, there was a lot more freedom there to do that on the show when you’re doing a promo or something to that effect. It seems like people should take a little more chances with that because that’s how things connect. I watch Jericho, he still does that and there’s certain guys that may do it but I definitely think sometimes you need to step out of the comfort zone a little bit and take a chance. Sometimes when you take a chance, you’ll hit it out of the park and you’re on your way.”
Check out the link below for more, where Christian reveals his thoughts on retirement and the WWE Network.


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