Burberry takes to the sea, sky and desert in latest artist collaboration

In the middle of Dubai’s desert, artist Nathaniel Alapide has etched the sandy landscape with the Thomas Burberry monogram, transposing the dunes as part of the brand’s latest fashion campaign.

The British luxury house collaborated with the Dubai-based Filipino artist as part of its TB Summer Monogram Landscapes series, which apparently took almost a week to create in the Al Faqa desert, a village on the border of Dubai and the eastern region of Abu Dhabi, according to Arab News.

Another image features a series of hot air balloons colouring the sky across the landscape of Wuhai in Inner Mongolia. Four balloons are decorated with different colourway from Burberry’s TB Summer Monogram collection.

‘When you see Wuhai from that height, you will be amazed by the wonder of nature. The Gande’er Mountain and the Yellow River have divided the ecosystem into a desert and a Hetao Plain full of life. You can’t imagine how spectacular the environment is until you are up in the sky,’ said Cheng Peng, Hot Air Balloon Pilot, in a statement.

Elsewhere, a fleet of sailboats glide into Shenzhen Harbour in China – each sail adorned with one of the TB Summer Monogram colourways. A modern reimagination of sporting heritage, reflecting elements that inspired the collection.

Beyond the striking images, the campaign offers a free-spirited exploration of optimism, escapism and our heritage of the outdoors, captured through three breathtaking vistas featuring the Thomas Burberry Monogram.

Images courtesy Burberry

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